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La’ Heiress Is 3 Today!

La’ Heiress is 3 today! (27-06-2016)
Unfortunately, I have not been able to come up with anything to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. The one thing I did do was to reflect. I reflected on the memories, the good, bad and the ugly memories. And then I thanked God for how far he has brought me.
As lost as I felt then, I just wanted to start and hoped it would count for something. I was unsure, I was afraid, I was happy and sad at the same time. 
Looking back today, I am glad that I started, it has been a challenging journey but God has been faithful. I am not yet where I want to be but I am on the right path.
I have given up. I have lost hope but most of all, I have learnt, I am stronger and I am moving forward, little by little we are getting there. 
Thank you to everyone who has ever believed in me or the brand. In some way, you all have been a source of inspiration to me. 
In the spirit of the our 3rd year anniversary, we would be offering our full wedding planning services to a special couple. 
This couple will also be eligible to receive all our complementary gifts and services which are:
– A customised guestbook
– Our Customised backdrop with the couple’s pictures, a red rug and wedding props
– Our La’ Heiress gift bag for the bride
– Two on site event coordinators and many more…
* You must follow our instagram account; @laheiress
* You must be getting married between January and July, 2017.
* Your Wedding must be in Lagos or Ibadan.
* Tell us why we should plan your wedding in 150 words. Please add your wedding details, location and date.
Send all details to:
May the odds be in your favour! 
Happy Anniversary to La’ Heiress. 

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