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Adeola and Olalekan’s wedding

Adeola and Lekan
Role- Wedding Coordination.
Location- Abal Hall Akobo, Ibadan.
Date- 19th of March
The Client
Adeola was a college mate. A mutual friend of La’ Heiress had referred our services to her. Adeola was a worrier, she worried about the tiniest things, what to wear, how to wear it, if her guests will eat, if they will have enough food, colour of her hair, it was so bad that once her vendors got wind that we were coordinating the event, they heaved a sigh of relief.
Adeola would call in the middle of the night, we would chat till very late, we loved the fact that she was an open book and says everything as it is. Nothing to hide.
She was a sweet bride to work with. She had gotten most of her vendors already, knew what she wanted and was not easily swayed.
Bringing all the vendors together, coordinating them, making sure the bride remained happy all day, handling of balances to all the vendors and coordinating the event.
– It was a one day event and it was to start at 7am, which meant her wake up time was going to be 4am but she ended up waking up by 6am. The friend who was supposed to wake her up went back to sleep after our call to her by 4am. So we were taken back by 2 hours. The makeup artist tried to hurry her up but then, they needed to take pictures and at La’ Heiress, we take pictures seriously because those are the memories to treasure after the wedding day is over.
– The hall was super crowded and the AC’s were not working properly, so the fans had to come into use.
– The food service was a bit slow due to the fact that the caterers didn’t have enough waiters for the number of guests that showed up, so the ushers joined in the serving and also the coordinators. 
-The picture session took a while but the MC was able to keep the guests entertained. (one of the reasons why it is important to have a good MC). Shout out to @iamhoneytongue
It was generally a success. A few challenges here and there but it was a good day and our client was happy.

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