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A Prayer For Our Vendors

It’s been a beautiful half of the year and we have worked with some pretty awesome vendors. Apart from accolades, they deserve heart felt prayers.

A layman may not understand the role vendors play in executing a flawless event but as a planner, it means a whole lot to me when vendors bring their A game.

Today, I pray for all our vendors that have made it happen for every single one of our events… That your days will be fruitful, may you enjoy blessings to your heart’s content. May your heart be joyful always. May you enjoy days as beautiful as flowers in spring and nights lovely and restful.

May all your endeavours yield bountiful fruits. I pray that every drop of your sweat will yield sweet reward. May excellence mark you out for favour. May it be well with you all your days.

May your path be lined with beauty, and your days be filled with favour. May every broken pieces of your life receive the healing touch of the Lord. May you receive beauty for ashes. May testimonies fill your days.

The Angels of the Lord will surround you to keep you from falling. Whatever you touch will turn to gold. Lines will fall for you in pleasant places. You shall lack no good thing. May God will teach us how to handle difficult clients.

As you have made @laheiress happy for our events, God will make you happy. You will live to eat the fruits of your labour. No one will take your place. May God protect your going out and coming in. I pray that the remaining half of the year will be favourable to us all. This I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

We love and appreciate you all. I may never be able to say thank you enough but my heart blesses you all. God bless you.

Your Favourite Planner
Olamide~ The Heiress

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