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Anu and Tobi’s Wedding (The Power Couple)

Anu and Tobi

Role: Partial Wedding Planning which later turned to coordination

Date: 3rd of December, 2016.

Location: Lagos

Guests: 800

Hashtag: #theATmerger

The groom had been an old friend of mine, but he had to convince his bride that I was the real deal as she had another planner in mind. From the moment we met, it was love all the way.

Anu and Tobi were a stress free couple which made planning and coordinating their wedding a smooth one for us.

Dress by the Bride: @anncranberry

Anu is a Fashion Designer while Tobi is a Business Guru. I called them the ‘POWER’ couple. When the issue of picking a theme for their wedding came up, I assured them that we had got this on lock down, I just knew that we had to merge their passions to give us something powerful.

The team and I came up with #theATmerger as their hashtag, it was unique and it made a lot of sense since we were merging two businesses together. It was the perfect hashtag and they loved it!

We also wanted a logo that would reflect both businesses as you can see below. Because it is important when implementing a theme to be thorough, and that meant infusing in the tiniest detail.

Logo by @ebenezerruth

We also brought a newspaper, to create a business look and coordinated their prewedding shoot.

We incorporated their theme in everything we could think of. All the personal touches we add to our client’s event did not go unnoticed.

Guest note cards; We had their wedding business in the news

Photo backdrop; we decided to infuse famous quotes from the business moguls the groom adores
Quotes in table frames; the bride loved one of the quotes so much that she asked to take the frame and trust us to give it to her


Initially, it was meant to be partial wedding planning, which meant that the client was supposed to bring some vendors while we source for the rest but as the planning proceeded, the parents had their vendors they wanted the couple to use. So we ended up suggesting a few vendors and coordinating the event. Drew up a floorplan, created an event timeline and coordinated all the vendors on the wedding day.


– The Mannequin challenge, we were able to get the guests to stand still, it was a beautiful moment.

– The backdrop for pictures was really unique and guests kept complimenting it (we should do something like this again oh)

– It was an organized event, no crowding of food stands, or standing unnecessarily in the hall.


– The father of the groom was a pastor and wanted the seats in the church to be labelled a particular way, so we had to meet with the father of the groom along with the pastors during the course of the planning to understand how they wanted the chairs labelled.

The day before the event, the church had a programme that ended pretty late so we could not label the chairs until the following day which was the morning of the wedding. We got there early enough and we were able to meet up.

– We had a little bit of an issue with the decorator, as some of the things the couple wanted seemed to be impossible but we were able to find a way around it.

–  The special events vendor almost gave us a heart attack, as he did not show up until very late and we had to keep telling the MC to stall on the couple’s first dance. He came eventually but late. The first dance was delayed but the wait was worth it.

– The parents wanted a cooling van to chill the drinks, even though we tried to discourage the idea because cooling vans does not properly chill drinks. Let’s just say that the drinks were not chilled as at the time we needed to start serving them.

– The traditional ceremony was in the morning, so we had to rearrange the space in time for the reception and it was a bit slow as the decorator had another job and had to share her staff.

– The photo area we had decorated and set up was almost useless as the Hall Manager mentioned that they do not open the door to the main entrance until the couple dances in. This meant that almost all the guests would have come in through the other entrance, so they won’t see the photo area to take cool pictures, so most guests only saw the photo area when they were about leaving. Plus the guestbook had to be carried by an ushered to guests at their seats to fill.

#theATmerger was a huge success regardless. We absolutely love our couple. Thank you once again for choosing La’ Heiress Hospitality Services. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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