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Vendor of the Month; MC Dayoice, King of Wedding Games

IG: @dayoice


MC Dayoice is our vendor for the Month! Working with Dayo has been nothing but pure bliss. His ability to reinvent wedding games is simply mindblowing.

Despite the fact that he does a 9 – 5 job, he still finds time for meetings amongst his busy weekends.

Dayo would randomly send emails, sharing ideas on new wedding games he would like to do for our next event. This is why he is called the King of Wedding Games.

He is a professional Emcee, no unnecessary jokes, no inappropriate talks, always on time and he sure knows how to engage a crowd!

For all these reasons and many more, is why Dayo Ice is our vendor of the month!

Read more about his passion below…

1. Introduce yourself, your brand and what service you provide

My name is Okeseeyin Temidayo, popularly known as Dayoice. An MSC graduate of school of Media and Communication (Pan Atlantic University). Aspiring TV host, Banker and Event MC.

2. How long have you been in the industry/ How has the entrepreneurial journey been?

I have been in this event industry for over three years, learnt a whole lot and I keep learning. In all I improve on myself daily as the industry keeps changing everyday. It has not really been an easy one, but God has been faithful, and basically because it’s something I enjoy doing, makes it very easy for me.

3. What are the challenges you face as an Event vendor?

One of the major challenge is getting jobs like every other vendor (lol).  But I have learnt a lot from the power of referrals, that’s what has always worked for me, I make sure there is no bad event, I do a good, clean job every time. What I bring is fun, excitement and games. I try to do my things differently, I make sure you haven’t seen what I am doing anywhere before. That’s why some of my friend call me the king of wedding games. Give you something to think about for a long time and smile about.

4. What are your reservations about event/wedding planners?

One of the major things I have learnt on this journey is how  to appreciate a wedding planner, at the same time respect yourself, your brand and don’t force it. Most wedding planners already have their favourite vendors, so no need pushing yourself on them, as they already have people they want to use, stop disgracing yourself and look or seem desperate. I focus more on the clients (brides) as they are the only ones that can convince the planner they want you. Some planners can be frustrating to work with, some extremely rude for no reason. I try to avoid planners like that.

5. What would you like planners to improve on?

Some planners are not organized, everything just keep going sideways, then they wait for the MC to wave a magic wand 😁😂. In all, be nice to all planners, create a good relationship, respect your brand, don’t push it.
Planners should be more creative, more organized and relate with vendors as colleagues not subordinates.

Just in case you want that touch of class and fun to your event, you know who to call! Thank me later!

IG: @dayoice
Contact: +234 802 867 8006

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