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7 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning Weddings

7 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning Their Wedding

Congratulations on your big day! But before you go ahead, read about the top 7 mistakes Nigerian couples make when planning their weddings and how to avoid them!

1. Thinking that everyone is allowed to have an opinion about your wedding
I hate to say this but you cannot please everybody and everybody should not be allowed to have a say. It is your wedding after all and not theirs.

2. Not thinking beyond the number of guests you are planning for
This is a very common mistake, especially for we Nigerians, we should always plan for extra, you have 400 guests, plan for a 100 and if possible 200 more people. This also applies when sourcing for a venue because the last thing you want is your guests not having seats to sit on or guests not getting food to eat.

3. Not accounting for miscellaneous expenses (hidden costs)
This one ehn, apart from the wedding budget, always set aside money for miscellaneous expenses because these expenses can add up to more than 20% – 30% of the wedding budget sometimes.

4. Forgetting to eat on your big day
Couple’s please have something to eat. No matter how small. I know the excitement of the whole paparazzi and also the fear of purging on your big day can make you forget to eat or choose not to eat but all these are way better than fainting on your big day. But if we are your wedding planners, we would definitely have everything you may need in our emergency kit so you have no worries. *Big grin*

5. Forgetting to set parental boundaries.
I always always ask my couples before we start talking numbers to ask their parents for their own idea of how a wedding should be. From their number of guests, to vendors and everything they think a wedding should be. This will help you to have an idea early enough and know where to set boundaries. It is important to let them know what you would want them to be a part of and what you would rather not let them interfere in. Set these boundaries early in the planning to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Forgetting to have fun
I understand that planning a wedding can be stressful but what can be more painful is forgetting to have fun on the big day because that is all the memories you get to keep after the event. I forgot to have fun on my wedding day and I regret it till date. I was too bothered about everything being perfect and all the weddings I had lined up after mine.

7. Making independent decisions without informing your spouse
Always remember that there is now another party involved, except where the other party could care less what decisions are made and even at that, just let him or her know. Brides are more guilty of this because of the general belief that weddings belongs to the bride but your groom’s opinion matter. An easy way to go about it is to create a checklist and have a sit down discussion on which aspects he/she would be interested in.

You Know I Love You
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