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N500,000 May Seem Like A lot Of Money But It Is Not In The Nigerian Wedding Industry

I remember when I recruited our second batch of coordinators back in 2017 and the very first meeting I had with them, they were shocked to find out that some vendors (Makeup artistes in particular) were charging up to 300k and above.

I also remember my very first event where I felt a service shouldn’t cost more than a particular amount so instead of making enquiries, I created a budget summary for my client off from my head.

Vendors prices can be very shocking for people who are not in the wedding industry, especially our clients and also for many parents who won’t understand why some vendors’ services cost so much.

The truth is, the Nigerian Wedding Industry has grown so much from when there was no social media and vendors used to charge quite little for services rendered.

Now, a lot of things are very expensive due to their high demands plus the Nigerian economy. Trainings are now very expensive as well and we cannot neglect the fact that social media has also added to this but if we are being completely honest, social media has done more good than bad for business owners, plus it is also not easy to build a large following on social media. It comes with a lot of hard work, determination and consistency.

Some clients also cause the hype in prices as well. Some of my potential clients found it difficult to trust in the our ability to deliver because of the amount I was charging then and would rather pay hundreds of thousands of Naira to another planner.

My point is, the 500k that you think is plenty money which probably is in the outside world, is not as much as you think when it comes to Nigerian weddings, so don’t be surprised if that favourite vendor of yours is charging 500k just to anchor your event or 3million Naira doesn’t seem enough to cover for a 500 guest list capacity… The Nigerian Wedding Industry is crazy like that.

I will end by saying this… If you want all the paparazzi you see on social media for your wedding reception, then be ready to dole out the dough because these things don’t come cheap.

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