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How To Prevent Nigerian Wedding Vendors From Disappointing You.

This article is to help you understand why Nigerian vendors may disappoint you on your wedding day and how you can avoid this by at least 70% percent.

My disappointment story

A makeup artist once decided not to show up for an event. She had only informed me in the early hours of the day of the wedding.

I made calls all through the night and by a rare stroke of luck, I was eventually successful around 3 or 4am…

The new makeup artist arrived just in time and saved the day.

Note: As a planner, it is important to have a vendor’s list and also a good vendor/planner relationship. It is also one of the many reasons why you should hire a planner for your big day.

Also note that, it is not in all cases that planners are successful in turning things around with a disappointment case.

Sometimes, a vendor disappointing may ruin the day, depending on the circumstances surrounding the disappointment.

For instance, if a caterer disappoints, it could be disastrous.

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Planning a wedding is stressful already and every couple deserves a hitch-free wedding day.

Some couples do not get the wedding of their dreams, due to vendor disappointments.

It could be as little as missing a tiny little detail or as big as just not showing up.

This article is to help you understand why vendors may disappoint and how you can avoid this by at least 70% percent.

What You Need To Know About Nigerian Wedding Vendors

One of the many things we must realize before booking a wedding vendor is that, different vendors have different work ethics.

Some professional, while some are not so professional. You may also need to go the extra mile in understanding their work pattern.

For example, if you see on a decorator’s page that he or she does a lot of flowery decor (that is, decor with lots of flowers), then best believe that that may be the decorator’s pattern, which means that using flowers is their signature.

Do not assume that you may get something different, just because you want that particular vendor by all means.

Does Binding Contracts Help?

Unfortunately, the Nigerian Wedding Industry is lenient when it comes to binding contracts…

What I mean by lenient is that, there are hardly any binding contracts to hold vendors accountable.

Even with a binding contract, it does not necesaarily mean that a vendor cannot still disappoint their client…

Signing a contract only makes some of these vendors a little more cautious and they understand that there will be consequences if they default on their deliverables.

Can Nigerian Wedding Associations Help?

Unfortunately, there are no active associations that help fight against unprofessional vendors when a vendor misbehaves.

Even after a call out on social media, it only lasts a couple of days before everything returns back to normal with the said vendor.

So this give room for vendors to deliver unsatisfactory services to their clients.

8 Reasons Why A Nigerian Wedding Vendor may Disappoint You On Your Big Day:

You may be wondering why a vendor may disappoint you on your big day, after he or she has been paid for a service.

Disappointments can happen for a number of reasons, which I would be explaining below:

1. Social Media Deception

There is no doubt that social media has helped a lot of vendors when it comes to letting people know what they do.

Social media can be a blessing to business owners, especially when it comes to visibility for vendors and helping clients with sourcing for the right vendors for their event.

While Instagram can be an easy platform to source for your Nigerian wedding vendors… you also need to remember that social media is also a make believe platform, where people basically post only what they want other people to perceive of them or their businesses.

What this means is that, a picture you see online, may not be what it truly is in real life.

Same goes for some wedding vendors. They post beautiful professionally edited pictures for the gram, but it may not be what it is in real life. This may lead you to having a false impression of what their services truly is.

Like this isn’t bad enough, some vendors go the extra mile to post images and videos of services that are not theirs to create a false representation of what they can actually do.

When a client falls victim of these vendors, they get disappointed and dissatisfied with their services, because what they were expecting wasn’t what was delivered by the vendor.

2. Over- Booked

Sometimes wedding vendors get multiple bookings for a particular date and may not have the necessary team to handle the multiple events booked for. So one event may suffer lapses. You can only pray and hope that it is not your event at the bottom of the line.

The best thing to do, is to continuously ask your vendor if they will be handling other jobs apart from yours for your said date.

If the answer is yes, ensure that they are convinced that they can handle the multiple jobs. You may even sign a contract to this effect.

If they do not sound convincing enough for you, then you may want to change that vendor.

3. Not experienced in the field

For instance, to become a planner in Nigeria, one does not necessarily need to train to become one.

The impression is that once you have a client and can source for vendors online and bring them together, then you are good to go and we all know that planning an event is way more than just bringing vendors together…

Imagine a planner who just landed her first event… as a first timer with no training or experience whatsoever, she is bound to make some mistakes.

This mistake is not as a result of her wanting to disappoint her client, but from the fact that she has no experience whatsoever about what she is doing.

4. Not Professional

Some Nigerian Wedding Vendors are just not professional and that is just what it is.

They don’t have any reputable work ethics and disappointment is in their blood. Some are just plain rude, while some may just have a lackadaisical attitude towards their business and just not take their jobs seriously.

5. Too Professional

These set of vendors act like they know more than the client. So instead of listening and accepting what the client wants, they do what they think is best for the client 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

I once worked with a decorator who felt that what he was proposing was better than what the client wanted.

Unknown to me (the planner), he had decided not to work with the moodboard that was created and given to him and worked with one that he had created in his head.😳🥺

He did something completely different from what the client had wanted 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 and different from the moodboard that was sent to him.

Needless to say, that it was a disaster, the decor looked beautiful but the fact remained that it wasn’t what the client had wanted.

Plus it disrupted all other things, like the colours altered with the caterers table settings etc…

6. Not listening to your planner

Trust me, nobody wants a successful event more than your wedding planner. Some couples hire wedding planners to act as figure heads.

They don’t communicate necessary details with their planners, they book for vendors without communicating with their planner or they simply don’t listen when their planners are trying to warn them about a particular vendor.

They see these warnings as a personal attack on their choice of vendors.

7. Client’s budget vs Client’s expectations

Some clients tend to forget that negotiating with a vendor is not the same as pricing tomato in the grocery store. You don’t negotiate to the barest minimum.

You ask for the lowest they are willing to go and beat it down just a little more. Or just tell the vendor the budget you are working with and see if they are willing to work with the budget.

Some vendors may accept low prices from clients, just because they want to add another event to their portfolio.

So they sometimes end up accepting whatever offer thrown at them and end up disappointing the client, because the amount paid cannot deliver on the client’s expectations.

8. Murphy’s law

Murpy’s law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Which means that some things are just bound to happen and will happen anyway, despite the all the preparations.

It may be that the traffic was particularly terrible on your big day, or an emergency that could not be avoided, or some other form of disappointment from the vendor’s staff or even a car breakdown.

These are the things that we cannot control.

How to avoid Nigerian Wedding Vendors Disappointment

The simple ways I am about to list here does not guarantee a 100% that a vendor still won’t disappoint but it will reduce the risk of getting disappointed by at least 60 to 70% by a Nigerian Wedding Vendor.

1. Hire the services of a seasoned wedding planner and listen to them

You cannot go wrong with this. Once you have made enquiries about your preferred planner, trust their judgement.

These planners have worked with a wide number of vendors and probably know the ones that are likely to disappoint.

They also know the Warning signs to watch out for. This way, you can avoid disappointment from vendors by at least 70%.

Note: Please ensure that the planner has your best interest at heart and he or she is not only interested in using the big names in the industry.

2. Not giving adequate details to the vendor prior to making enquiries about their services.

It is crucial to give vendors as much information as possible prior to engaging their services, to ensure clear expectations and scope of work.

This way, they know exactly what is expected of them and charge accordingly for their services.

This is another aspect where planners help communicate intricate details that may be missed by a client to a vendor.

For example, you want a beautiful hall decor and as a bride, you only told the vendor that you wanted something beautiful…

Meanwhile, beautiful is relative, so a planner comes on board and now starts breaking down the ‘beautiful’ decor details into bits and the decorator now realizes that he hadn’t charged well enough for the job.

This may lead to the decorator disappointing the client.

3. Draw up a contract and have the vendor sign it

This is not a sure way to ensure that vendors deliver on their promises… but it does help to add some form of caution and also helps to set your expectations clearly from the onset.

When everything is in black and white, it is difficult to disappoint under these circumstances, because there is something binding them to keep to their side of the deal.

So draw up a contract for your vendors and have them sign it.

Make sure it has a list of every single thing the vendor will be delivering and also the agreed amount, amount deposited, amount to be balanced and also a space for name and signature of the parties involved.

4. Always remember that all that glitters is not gold on Social Media

Not all the big Instagram vendors deliver. With this in mind, before swooning uncontrollably at a vendor’s catalogue on social media, remember to do all necessary findings before concluding on hiring the vendor for your big day.

5. Make enquiries

What I do sometimes, is to reach out to other colleagues who may have used the vendor’s services in the past…

I sometimes reach out to anybody that has been tagged on the vendor’s page, just to ask about their experience working with the vendor.

I have also received similar calls from my colleagues in the wedding industry, asking about other vendors that I may have worked with before.

So it is completely fine to do same.

6. Don’t over-negotiate a service

A decorator for instance, charges 1million Naira for her services, then you start negotiating and you arrive at say N300,000 and still want the exceptional delivery with all your expectations intact?

Hmmmn, think again or a huge disappointment may be waiting for you on your wedding day.

Some vendors won’t reject prospective client’s offer, but they would most likely reduce all the client’s expectations to the barest minimum.

7. Repeatedly go over all the details of deliverables with your vendors

If you have to visit the vendor’s office/space/shop/warehouse to see some of the items to be used for your event yourself, then you can do this.

That way it would be difficult for a vendor to disappoint.

I for one, prefer a messaging platform to discuss with my vendors. It could be via WhatsApp or E-mail.

As long as it can be documented. Then I go over the details again and again to be absolutely sure that we are all on the same page and for them to understand that no form of disappointment will be tolerated…

With Phone call conversations, it is easy to have misconceptions and miscommunication issues.

Either party can also forget what was said at any point.

So I would advise that you go the writing route and subsequently put a phone call through to further explain what was said on the messaging platforms.

8. Pray and believe God for the best

If you believe in God, after all is said and done, pray and commit everything into God’s hand. Hope for the best and remember to enjoy your day.

I hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. I wish you a beautiful wedding day.

You Know I Love You

X.O.X.O Your Integrity Planner

Olamide~ The Heiress

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