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Red flags to look out for when hiring a Nigerian wedding vendor

Sometime ago, there was this vendor that we had recommended to our client, we saw all the red flags but ignored them. She never made herself available for meetings and was difficult to communicate with. She would read messages without replying or just say okay and that was it.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding, she started bombarding my phone and asking for details. Excuse me, but these details had been sent a number of times.

Needless to say, she did not do what the client wanted and it became a big issue. The sad part was that I had recommended
the vendor.

5 Signs That A Nigerian Vendor Is Making Promises That They Can’t Deliver On

When you see the below signs just flee to save yourself the heart ache that comes with the disappointment that would most likely follow.

1. They Have Quite A Lot Of Negative Reviews.

Personal and online reviews shouldn’t be mere icing on the cake… when it comes to choosing a vendor they are very important and can also be eye openers.

Although most of the reviews on their social media pages are usually the positive review but before hiring a vendor, try to find out everything you need to know about the said vendor, read comment sections, reach out to friends who may have patronized the said vendor, ask other wedding vendors. As a planner, ask colleagues in the industry and make the necessary enquiries about their services and don’t base all your judgement off their social media pages.

If the negative reviews are more than the positive reviews, then you already know what to do.

2. They Are Hard To Get In Touch With

When it comes to planning the most important day of your life, you want to work with vendors who are easy to communicate with. If communication is slow and/or doesn’t address your points, that’s a reason for concern. Be sure to keep in mind that vendors have many events they are working on at the same time, so slight delays are normal. If the poor communication continues and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere via e-mail, phone calls or chat platforms, then you may consider terminating their services.

3. They Change Plans Constantly

After your contract is signed and you’ve agreed on a scope of service or product. there shouldn’t be any major changes (unless it’s something out of the vendor’s control, like the client adding more items to what was agreed on). For instance, if upon agreement the Head Makeup artist was supposed to handle the makeup but later starts introducing an assistant to handle the makeup, or the MC suddenly has another event he has to be at and saying things like he would send his assistant etc. Change that vendor.

4. They don’t seem to remember what was discussed at every meeting.

If you always have to repeat the same details severally at every meeting because it seems like the vendor had forgotten all that had been discussed. Then it is a red flag!

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5. Their Prices Vs Deliverables seems too good to be true.

Dear clients, please dont be too fast to jump on the cheapest price tag. Many of these vendors may not deliver. Before concluding on a vendor, you must have reached out to a number of them. For example:

Small chops at N400 per plate from (Vendor 1, 2 and 3), then vendor 4 offers N300 per plate for the same deliverables. While this can be their competitive edge, be sure to ask the right questions and know what they are offering for this price. Even to the size of chicken before you start seeing a bean-sized chicken instead of the normal average sized chicken. You get the point, right?

Small chops

Bonus: When They Insist On Doing Things Their Way. The Know-It-All Syndrome

There are some vendors who feel that they know it all and don’t listen to suggestions or corrections or any thing different from what they are offering or suggesting. This is a big red flag! Once you notice these traits, terminate their services immediately because believe me when I tell you that these set of vendors are the most difficult to work with and would eventually deliver what they think is right for your event and not what you actually want.

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