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After Party Means Extra Expenses

Our dear clients, we know you want to have the talk of the town kind of wedding (like who doesn’t) and we totally get that but you also have to understand that to have this ‘Talk of the town’ kind of wedding, money must be involved. Like they say, whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

There are factors to consider when deciding on whether to have an after party or not and here are some of them.

First is the number of hours the hall will be providing electricity for because the worst thing that can happen is for the hall manager to switch off the lights when the party is about to get lit. Most halls charge a fee for extra hours, they would give 8 hours for your main event but once your 8 hours is up, don’t expect a miracle, the lights will go off if the necessary payments for the extra hours is not paid. And this fee ranges from N20k to N150k or more per hour depending on the hall and location.

Secondly, refreshments. We all know that party food is not exactly filling and if you are going to keep your guests for extra hours then light refreshments should also be provided, ranging from grills to shawarma, burgers, pasta, small chops, desserts, cocktails, alcohol, water etc.. Also Party props. Yes, all those bling bling, LED glasses, glowsticks, branded face caps, branded paper cups etc… Swipe to see pictures @afterpartyprops. All these comes with having an after party.

We also have after party hall lighting and special effects. All those disco lights that would turn your hall into a club… Check out @Box18Media for this.

Then a badass DJ and a hypeman if you can afford it, because if your DJ is not on point then your afterparty will be bleh and you don’t want that.

For extra paparazzi, you can throw in games, @csi_redcarpet are very good at after-party games.

You would also need extra outfits and shoes. Trust me, you don’t want to boogie down in your wedding dress, you need something more comfortable.

The bottom line is that to have a smashing after party, you need the extra effizy and these extra effizy don’t come cheap.

You Know I Love You
XOXO Your Integrity Planner
Olamide~ The Heiress

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