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Ayodele and Adekunle’s Ibadan Wedding

Today we’ll be discussing how we pulled off a wedding planning job in Ibadan for Ayodele and Adekunle.

Role: Partial Wedding Planning, which means that the client had some preferred vendors they wanted, while the planner provides the remaining vendors, then the planner coordinates all the vendors.

Although, the only vendors we didn’t provide were the caterer, band and the alagas (traditional hosts)

Date: 9th and 10th of April, 2021.

Location: Ibadan

Guests: 800 (before covid) 600 (post covid), about 700 (actual)

Hashtag: #AAlovestory

Our Wedding Planning Role

The bride was a referral from one of our past couples. She happens to be a cousin to the groom.

We had planned their wedding a year before their proposed date and they were clearly impressed with our services for her cousin’s wedding and that was how we were contracted once again to plan hers.


Partial wedding planning in Ibadan. Which means that the client has preselected a few vendors while we source for the rest.

So we ended up suggesting about 95% of vendors in addition to the ones they already had and coordinating the entire event.

We Drew up a floorplan, created a dressup timeline and created a wedding reception programme breakdown for all the vendors and coordinated all activities on the wedding day.

It was a 2-day event, which meant that the traditional ceremony and reception wedding were on separate days.

The traditional ceremony was on a Friday, while the church and reception ceremony followed the next day.

The Wedding Planning In Ibadan

We had started the wedding planning process since 2019. The wedding date was fixed for April 2020, before the postponement.

We had also visited the venue in Ibadan and met with some of the vendors in Ibadan, before Covid struck.

We had made deposit payments to all the vendors before the Covid lockdown and this was kind of a problem for me, because I was scared that the vendors may not fully deliver, due to the changes that were likely to come up due to the pandemic.

I particularly loved planning this event because I only had to talk to the bride and no other person.

She was the mouthpiece for both families, so all opinions and suggestions were run through her and this made the planning process a lot easier.

Because we were just gradually easing out of the Covid, there were some restrictions that came with Covid-era events.

We were only allowed to set up for 50 percent of the hall’s capacity inside the hall and the hall could sit at least 1400 guests, so the client agreed to work with 600 guests, as opposed to the 800 guestlist that we were working with pre- Covid.

Since we were only allowed 50% percent of the hall’s capacity and with 10 chairs per table, it meant that we could only work with about 70 tables and 700 chairs.

But since we were working with a guestlist of 600 people, we could still accommodate an extra 10 tables and since the hall was big enough to accommodate more guests, we decided to arrange extra seats and tables for the extra guests that may show up.

So I had asked the decorator to bring extra table covers and centre pieces to cover the extra tables.

The Wedding Event Day

So the decorations had started a day before both event days and were able to finish the set-up on the day of the event.

The one thing I loved about this particular decorator, is that she always always finishes her decoration on time.

No matter how short the time frame or how big the space is.

It was a 2-day ceremony and we had 2 separate spaces for the traditional ceremony and the reception area.

The traditional ceremony was to take place in a smaller hall in the gallery of the hall.

On seeing that the hall for the traditional ceremony will be too small to accomodate the number of guests expected, we decided to create an extension somewhere else in the hall and have a speaker there as well, so that those who were seated there could hear what was happening at the main hall.

The traditional decoration and eru iyawo (traditional gifts from the groom’s family, that is given to the bride’s family) was all set up the day before the event day.

Dealing With The Wedding Challenges

On the traditional event day, one of the alagas (traditional host) decided to be unnecessary difficult and wanted things her way. 🤦🏽‍♀️ was extremely upsetting because she was at the venue a day before and approved everything that was done and didn’t think that the set up needed any change.

It was also frustrating because she was an elderly person, that was brought on board by the parents and we could not exactly talk to her because she was very rude and just being difficult for no reason.

The caterer also seemed to be on her own orders, because she kept saying the mother of this or that asked her to serve a particular family side first.

Claiming that she had been told this prior to the event day.

This slightly delayed the other side from being served earlier but everybody got more than enough to eat and drink eventually.

On the reception day, the bride attendant ensured that all the morning glam team vendors kept to the timeline and got the couple ready in time for the church ceremony.

The bride had mentioned that morning that she would like to see her hall before guests started coming in and I had assured her that I would make it happen.

The church service had ended earlier than we thought it would and the couple were still taking pictures, so we had guests already waiting to enter the hall with angry family members threatening fire and brimstone but thanks to my bouncers and my strong mind…

I politely told the angry family members what we were trying to achieve by waiting and pleaded with them for a bit more time.

While some understood, many didn’t. I had informed the bouncers to wait for the couple’s car to be able to guide them into the hall.

The coordinators continued to prep the ushers, drinks and small chops vendors to ensure that immediately the couple pictures were taken, they should direct guests to their seats, while the small chops and drinks vendors serve chops and water to cool their tempers.😁

I remained unshaken and waited until my couple got to the hall, admired and took in all the beauty and were able to take pictures in the beautiful and empty hall.

A La’ Heiress Production

The event was indeed a beautiful one and everything went smoothly.
In total, we had about 700 guests in attendance for the wedding reception and it was a flawless event.

All the vendors over delivered.

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The Wedding Highlights

– All the vendors over delivered!!! They brought their A-games despite the fact that they had been paid months before covid struck and we had to postpone the wedding three times.

– It was a very organized and timely event.

– The guests had more than enough food to eat and drink. Thanks to all our amazing vendors.

– The Decor was beautiful.

– The couple got to take pictures in their empty hall, despite all the impatient guests wanting to enter the hall.

– We ran out of complementary cards, as guests kept asking for it.

– We were able to set up the honeymoon suite as a surprise for our couple.

– The event was a flawless, seamless and beautiful one.

The Challenges

– The number one challenge we had was with the groom’s alaga as she just wanted to have things her way.

– The family members were impatient on the wedding day, they wanted the guests to enter the hall while the couple wanted to take pictures in the decorated empty hall.

– When I realized that the chair covers the decorator had brought for the traditional ceremony won’t be able to be worn on the chairs due to the type of chairs the hall had.

I decided to call a chair rentals service late at night the night before to ask if they could deliver some chiavari chairs very early the next morning (that is the day of the ceremony).

It was a big risk but they delivered some minutes to 8am in the morning and the hall was set before 9am, with the help of the ushers and coordinators. It gave the decor a face lift.

Shout out to @supremerentals for delivering every single time. And this is why miscellaneous fees is important in your wedding budget summary.


1. Trust your instincts. I trusted my instincts to rent the chairs.

2. Clients should always pay for miscellaneous expenses because in as much as the vendors have been paid for their services, anything may come up and this would require the planner to think on her feet and many a times, these unforseen things that comes up, requires money to be spent.

2. When you stick to the guestlist, your event will most likely be flawless, because the number one issue for any event is an overcrowded hall.

It is very difficult to manage people when they are not seated. The first step to being able to manage an event properly is to first have the guests seated.

#AAlovestory was a massive success! We absolutely love our couple. Thank you once again for choosing La’ Heiress Weddings. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. ❤

View more pictures from this wedding on our Instagram Page: @Laheiress

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