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Celebrity Wedding: Seilat and Lekan

The Sweet La’ Heiress Couple: Seilat and Lekan

Couple: Seilat and Lekan

Role: Partial Wedding Planning, which means that the client had some preferred vendors they will like to use their services, while the planner provides the remaining vendors. The planner then coordinates all vendors.

Date: Friday, 12th of December, 2020.

Location: Lagos

Guests: 800 (before covid) 500 (post covid), about 600 (actual)

Hashtag: #PoseUnion


So apparently, the bride is an amazing friend of mine and also a Nollywood actress. She has been a huge supporter of the brand from our personal shopping days. Y’all should check her out on Instagram and also follow her YouTube channel. @seiilat


Partial wedding planning. Which meant that the client had pre-selected a few vendors, while we sourced for the rest.

Even though, we ended up suggesting most of the vendors, in addition to the ones they already had, we still coordinated the entire event.

We communicated with all the vendors, drew up a floorplan, created a dressup timeline, created a wedding reception breakdown and event flow, set up a vendors meeting (although we had had multiple individual vendors meeting with some of the vendors, prior to the general vendors meeting) then coordinated all activities on the wedding day.


It was a 3 in 1-day event, which meant that we had the traditional, church joining and reception ceremonies on the same day.

While the traditional and reception ceremonies was to take place at the same venue, the church joining ceremony took place at a different venue.


I particularly loved planning this event because the couple were completely and absolutely trusting. And this gave us peace of mind to execute flawlessly. The bride will call before she makes any decision at all. Will ask me to reach out to the vendor to ask the necessary questions to prevent her from making any mistakes.

Note: If you hire the services of a planner, please and please inform your planner before you make any decision as the wedding planning is concerned.

They were ready to abide by the wedding planning rules. One of which included sticking to the strictly by invitation decision and ensured that their parents were carried throughout the entire planning process, so there were no unpleasant surprises.


And as the Queen of personal touches, the Covid-19 lockdown gave me ample time to think up different personal touches that could be used to spice up the event. I was able to think of different ways to add our own personal touches to the event to make it even more special for the couple. And in case you didn’t know, we add personal touches to your event for free! How amazing is that?

Check out some of the personal touches we added to this event…

We created their own personalized money for their bridal party to spray on them. Spot the Central Bank of La’ Heiress *wink*
We gave the bridal party cute personalized something sweet boxes from the stables of the personal touches Queen.
We know how having your phone charged for those cute pictures mean to guess, so we had a safe charging space for guests to charge their devices
We definitely know how to treat your bridal party and guests like royalty, just check out their personalized treats
Beautiful table name frames to help guests identify their tables
We had hangover kits for the bridal party and a few guests, in case some of them get wasted
An after-party welcome frame
So I decided to give the bride a little note, as an amazing friend that she has always been to me
Well, blame this on the pandemic. We all have to stay safe
Table frames and numbers
A surprise honeymoon room decor, with little gifts, like the guest book which guests wrote their best wishes for the couple
Specially designed menu cards to add glamour to the event
Personalized keyring for the couple
Hotel room door signage. One of the movies the bride produced was titled ‘Barrister Seilat’, hence the idea for this door signage
Have a drink on us!
We are Covid compliant. May God heal the world.
A rotating picture stand


We had started planning the wedding since 2019 and the wedding date was stated for March 2020… but the covid pandemic happened and we had to postpone the wedding three times before settling for a date in December.

We had paid most of the vendors in full before the covid lockdown which happened just one week to their wedding date, so a refund at this point was practically out of the question.

This posed a problem for me, because I was uncertain about the vendors still delivering topnotch services once a later date was fixed for the wedding to take place.


Because we were just gradually easing out of the pandemic, there were some restrictions that came with Covid-era events.

For instance, We were only allowed to set up for 50 percent of the hall’s capacity within the hall and the hall could sit at least 800 guests, so we had to reduce our initial guestlist from 800 (pre-covid) to 400 guests (post covid). We were also only allowed 5/6 seats per table.


Since we were only allowed 50% percent of the hall’s capacity and with 5 chairs per table, it meant that we still had to work with about 80 tables but with 400 chairs and not 800 chairs.

This was okay because we had initially paid the decorator for 80 tables and thankfully, this didn’t affect the cost of the decor.


The vendors were quite amazing, they were available for communications and didn’t give us a tough time as regards increment in their charges, despite the fact that a lot of items had gone up in prices, especially after the pandemic.

The vendors were merciful enough, we only had a few price differences. To say that they over delivered is putting it mildy, giving the situation of events that led up to the wedding day.

They all over delivered, despite the fact that there were increase in prices due to the pandemic and also the fact that we had had our vendors meeting before the pandemic and couldn’t hold another. So all other information was communicated via chat platforms.


So the decor had started two days before the event day and the coordinating team were in the hall on both days to ensure that all the decor details were properly done.

The decorator had other postponed events that were also for the same date.

This made the decor team slow, because they had to shuffle their team between multiple venues, but they were still able to finish the decor set-up on the day of the event.

We had partitioned the reception venue into 2 parts: the reception area and the traditional area, in such a way that one will not affect the other.

The Floorplan


The engagement started and upon all the time communication with the alagas prior to the day, to make the ceremony as brief as possible, it was a Herculean task trying to get them to end the ceremony and we eventually had to whisk the couple away before the ceremony ended, so as to enable them get ready for the joining ceremony, which was just 1 hour away…


The couple had been whisked out of the hall before the end of the ceremony to get the bride ready, as she still needed to do a change of makeup and hair styling and we had limited time to achieve all of this.

As soon as the engagement ceremony ended, we had the bouncers/security team relocate the guests outside the hall, so that we could clear up the space for some vendors to set up.

This did not sit well with some family members but we eventually agreed to allow some of their guests to sit, eat and relax a bit before we eventually asked them to exit the hall…


The joining ceremony took place at a different venue (Sheraton Hotel) which was also the same hotel the couple stayed in…

The bride had particularly mentioned to me during the planning process, that her pictures were very important to her and that she would love to take as many pictures as she could possibly have.

We had informed the photographer and the Bride Attendant (a member of the La’ Heiress Weddings team that ensures that the bride and her bridesmaids are well taken care of).

As a result of the bride’s request, after the joining ceremony, we had to take the couple back to their hotel room, to take as many pictures as they had wanted before bringing them back to the reception venue.


The reception ceremony flow was quite easy breezy. We had about 500 guests in attendance for the wedding reception.

For some reason, I had already sensed that we were going to have a little more guests than we were anticipating (a planner naturally knows these things).

So I had made arrangement for extra chairs, because we had rented a different kind of chair, so I just told the rental company to bring an additional number of chairs for the occasion.

Note: Another reason why a fee should be allocated for miscellaneous expenses. This should be added to your wedding budget, as this made it easy for me to do extra things that were needed.

It was a celebrity packed event, as the bride was a celebrity and had a lot of celebrity friends.

We had little to no major challenges, which will be discussed below. But in all, it was a flawless event. All the vendors over delivered and the planning team did me proud.


– All the vendors over delivered!!! They brought their A-games despite the fact that they had been paid months before covid struck and we had to postpone the wedding three times, 8 months after.

– All guests had an IV or access card and this eliminated the issue of overcrowding. It really helped with crowd control, plus the bouncers were very strict and professional.

– There were alot of celebrities in attendance.

– The guests had more than enough food to eat and drink. Thanks to all our amazing vendors.

– A guest made about 300k on the dancefloor. Talk about dance competition gone right! 

– The Decor was beautiful.

– The bride had insisted during the planning process that she was particular about her hotel pictures and didn’t want to miss any, in as much as it was a 3 in 1 day event. We were still able to create the time to grant her her wishes.

They had more than enough time for their hotel pictures to be taken. Thanks to the vendors who abided by the dress-up timeline and kudos to our bride attendant who was attentive to this.

– All the personal touches that was added to their event didn’t go unnoticed. The bridal party all noticed their names and special treats and this made them feel special. The couple was not left out as well.

– We ran out of complementary cards, as guests kept asking for it.

– The afterparty was super LIT!

– We were able to set up the honeymoon suite as a surprise for our couple.

– Their appreciation video message got us about 1000 plus followers on Instagram. Wow!

– The event was a flawless, seamless and beautiful one.


– The only major challenge we had was with the alagas in the morning, as they refused to end the traditional ceremony in good time and it seemed like two alagas were trying to outdo eachother.

– A particular celebrity was making a fuss about the kind of mocktail she was being served. She had wanted a cocktail drink instead (an alcoholic version of the mocktail), but there were no provision for cocktail. The mocktails vendor was ready to make one for her if she could get spirits. So the drinks vendor was informed and we were able to get her a cocktail drink.

Note: Always ensure that your vendors are working together for the same goal (to ensure that the party is a success, whatever it may entail). Because the mocktail vendor was willing to make a cocktail, even though she was paid to do mocktails, we were able to get an angry guest to calm down.


1. When having a 3-in-1 day event, it is not advisable to use 2 alagas (traditional hosts). They are also known as Alaga Ijoko and Alaga Iduro. Just one Alaga for the two families is enough, especially where time management is concerned. This way, we would be able to save more time.

2. When you stick to the guestlist, your event will most likely be flawless, because the number one issue for any event is an overcrowded hall. It is very difficult to manage people when they are not seated. The first step to being able to manage an event properly, is to have the guests seated.

3. It is important that your guests understand what you are offering them in terms of food. If they would like to drink alcohol for instance and you don’t have alcohol on your drinks list, you can let them know in a subtle way (probably on the IV, that it is a no-alcohol party).


#PoseUnion was a massive success! We absolutely love our couple. Thank you once again for choosing La’ Heiress Weddings. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. ❤

You can also check our Instagram page for more events we have handled: @laheiress

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