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Nigerian Wedding Planners: How much they charge


Before I go into the main topic, I will like ro explain the different levels of Nigerian planners, so that you have a better understanding as to why they charge the way they do.

The Different Levels of Nigerian Wedding Planners

The same way we talk about business owners knowing their target audience, is the same way brides/couples ought to understand that there are different levels/grades of Nigerian wedding planners.

It is important to understand this, because it could help you in knowing how to pick the right planner for you.

I grade the Nigerian wedding planners into these 3 simple levels. (This grades also applies to Nigerian wedding vendors).

Grade A Planners
Grade B Planners
Grade C Planners

All these grades of planners are professionals, only little things differentiate them.

Grade A Planners:

These are the luxury planners. By their works, you shall know them. Sometimes, I say by their choice of vendors, you shall know them.

They charge in millions. Best believe that your wedding will be the talk of the town by the time they are done executing all the executables.

The kind of vendors a grade A planner will use, will be different from the kind of vendors a Grade C Planner will use.

Grade B Planners

These set of planners balance between the luxury and the average budget wedding.

So you get a little bit of luxury and a little bit of average, depending on your wedding budget.

They can source for vendors from both ends (luxury wedding vendors, the Grade A vendors and the Grade B wedding vendors) and somehow make it work to give you that feel of luxury.

They seem very well balanced and your wedding day will be beautiful regardless. Their services are also more affordable.

So if you are the type of bride who loves luxury things but cannot really afford it, you may most likely fall under this category.

Grade C Planners

These set of Planners cater to clients who cannot afford so much to splash on a wedding.

More like the saying, a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable.

So they source vendors who can get the job done fairly well and on a minimum budget.

Even though their delivery may not have the feel and look as that of a luxury wedding with tons of money spent but it will still be a beautiful wedding regardless and the client will appreciative of the effort put into giving them the wedding of their dreams on an average wedding budget.

This to me seems like the most difficult to accomplish too, because it can be very difficult sourcing for vendors who are willing to work with a tight budget.

Insight: Bella Naija Weddings is a luxury Nigerian Wedding Blog and most vendors or planners that they feature on their blog are assumed to be the Crem de la Cream of the Nigerian Wedding industry.

How Much Nigerian Wedding Planners Charge

One of the things you should know about how Nigerian wedding planners charge, is that Nigerian Planners charge according to the value they feel they bring to the table.

And this does not necessarily mean that they are the most experienced in the field.

A planner who started her wedding planning business just a couple of months ago, can charge as much as one who had been in the wedding planning space for a couple of years.

So bear in mind that whoever you decide to reach out to, may not have handled a lot of events but this does not necessarily mean that they would charge lesser than those who have had years of experience in the wedding planning field.

This is why Planner A will charge a higher amount than Planner B… Eventhough it may seem like they will be doing the same thing.

So how much exactly do Nigerian Wedding Planners Charge?

The average Nigerian Planner charges between N50,000 (the newbies) to N2,500,000 per event… and it could be more in some cases.

Let me break this down:

Grade A Planners: They charge in millions. 1 million Naira upwards (N1,000,000 which is about $1800) per day/event

Grade B Planners: N350,000 – N750,000, (which is about $640- $1400) per day/event.

Grade C Planners: N50,000 to N300,000 (Which is about $90- $550) per day/event

What I would advise is that you stick to your budget regardless.

Choose a planner that you feel will execute your expectations perfectly. Go through their Instagram page or website for ideas on what to expect. Don’t assume anything and ask lots of questions.

You can even ask whether you are allowed to select your own vendors, because some Nigerian wedding planners do not allow this.

Some planners also have different wedding packages which helps you to make more informed decisions.

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