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Wrong Assumptions Nigerian Couples Make When Planning Their Wedding

I have been a wedding planner for almost 6 years now and the one thing I have come to realize is that a lot of Nigerian couples seem to have some wrong assumptions when planning their big day. Either out of ignorance or they just simply assume these things.

Sometimes, these wrong assumptions can end up being a disaster before or even on the wedding day.

To try to avoid some costly mistakes, I have put together a few wrong assumptions Nigerian couples need to get out of their heads when planning their big day.

So let’s get right into it…

10 Wrong Wedding Planning assumptions Nigerian Couples Make

1. Assuming that a relative or some friend will pay a part of the wedding expenses. Even if they say they would, don’t hold it dear to your heart. Plan ahead and make alternative plans. Yourself and your spouse must ensure that you are both financially capable for your wedding expenses, to avoid disappointments.

2. Stop creating imaginary prices for vendors, especially if you have not made enquiries about how much that favourite vendor of yours charges. This will do you a lot more good than harm. It will also allow you have a good idea of what your wedding budget may look like.

3. If you are on a budget, don’t assume that your planner knows what is important to you. Create a priority list. List out what is important to you and please understand that your budget may not accommodate everything that you may want for your wedding.

Client’s Budget Vs Client’s Expectations

4. Planners are not magicians when it comes to making a budget work. Be realistic with your wedding budget and be ready to make compromises. You can’t want champagne on a zobo budget. Zobo is a Nigerian drink made from dried hibiscus flower.

5. Don’t assume that the vendors with big names that you see and hear everywhere don’t charge much. They do and if your budget won’t cut it, be willing to compromise.

6. Please do not assume that a vendor will show up when his or her balance has not been paid. Except there is an agreement to pay the balance after the event.

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More Wrong Wedding Assumptions

7. Do not assume that your parents are on board with all your plans. Engage them before you start planning your dream wedding. Yes, it is your wedding but they also play a part in it. So involve them from the very beginning and let them in on your plans. That way, you can avoid any future heart breaks. For example, planning for a 200 guest list when your father wants a 500 guest list.

8. Do not assume that your vendors will not eat at your event. You are the star on your wedding day, so you probably won’t know all that goes on behind the scenes. Please make proper feeding arrangements for your vendors and if food won’t be provided for your vendors, make sure to inform them ahead of the day.

Not Everybody Will Be Happy For You On Your Wedding Day

9. Do not assume that everybody is happy for you. Choose your bridal party carefully. They will be the closest to you on the day and their actions, reactions, countenance, words, can affect your mood on your big day. It is important to have people who will go the extra mile to make you happy around you on your big day.

10. Do not assume that everything will be flawless on your wedding day. You may spill drink on your wedding dress or a bridesmaid may not show up. Whatever the case may be, be determined to have a happy day anyway.


11. Don’t assume your date has been booked when you have not made a deposit payment. Booking a date with your preferred vendor or event space/hall, means that you have made a deposit payment to that vendor. Any booking without payment is just a discussion.

I hope you find this article helpful. 😁

You Know I Love You

X.O.X.O Your Intergrity Planner

Olamide~ The Heiress

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