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25 Questions To Ask A Nigerian Wedding Caterer Before Hiring Them

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It’s no surprise that food at any event at all is a big deal… but before you go ahead to book that favourite caterer of yours for your big day, there are some important questions to ask.

This article is to help highlight the important questions to ask to ask your Nigerian wedding caterer before hiring them for your big day.

You’ll thank me later.

Important questions to ask your Nigerian Wedding Caterer before hiring them for your wedding

Basic Questions

1. Are you free for my wedding date?

2. How long have you been catering for events?

3. What is the highest number of guests that you have catered for in the past?

4. What kind of food do you cook? Can you make food for different traditions, for instance, igbo, Benin and Yoruba food?

5. Do you do Amala on the spot?

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Note: Please understand that not all caterers can make the different food types for the different Nigerian cultures/traditions that we have.

6. Do you have a wide range menu selection?

7. Do we have to work with your preset menus or can you create a custom menu for our wedding? If I have a special dish I would like served to my guests, can you accommodate that?

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8. Can you do a themed set up? Which may also include your waiters dressing up to reflect the theme of my wedding?

Loved themed wedding
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Wine and dine themed menu cards by IG: @incredibleediblesng

9. How many waiters will you be coming with? Are these different from the dishers? If yes, how many waiters will be dishing out the food and how many waiters will be serving the food to guests?

10. Can you provide more waiters if the need arises?

11. What will the waiters be wearing? Will the shirts be branded or will they be wearing tags for easy identification?

12. Are you going to be doing table settings, if yes, what and what will you providing? Eg, Charger plates, wine and water glasses, napkin folds, menu cards etc..

13. Will your napkin colours be the same as our wedding colours?

14. Do you need the wedding logo for the branding of the menu cards or will you be using your custom menu cards?

15. Can you share pictures of your food presentation with me? How do you decorate your food stations?

16. Do you mould your food? What kind of plates and cutlery will you be using at our wedding?

Note: The standard plate type for Nigerian wedding catering is plain white dishes. It could be any shape or form but plain white. It could also be unbreakable plates. Although some caterers also use other colours but normally plain colours with no form of designs on them.

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An irregular-shaped white plate
Plain black plate

17. What are your payment, refund and cancellation policies?

18. You may also want to ask how much deposit is required to book down your wedding date.

19. Also ask if a contract will be issued once payment has been made.

20. What happens if there are leftover foods from my wedding?

21. Does the couple get packed foods from the wedding food? If yes, do we provide the coolers for the food or this will come with the package?

22. What time will the food be arriving at the venue?

23. How long can the food stay fresh before it loses it’s flavour?

24. Will the food be served hot? If yes, how will this be done?

25. Can we provide the ingredients for the cooking while you handle the cooking, table settings and serving of the food to our guests?

Note: Please note that not all caterers allow for the food items to be bought for them. They would rather handle all aspects of the catering. Sometimes buying the ingredients for a caterer can also be expensive… as this does not necessarily mean that there would be a reduction in the caterers service fee.

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