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6 Weird But Necessary Things You Can Put On Your Nigerian Wedding Invitation

In a country like Nigeria, it is very normal not to have all these strict wedding etiquettes, especially as our tradition permits us to have weddings with a large guestlist.

As much as you may want to accommodate one or two things because of tradition, it may be necessary to add some rules if you are particular about certain things… like sticking to the guestlist for instance, or not wanting children at your wedding.

Many couples may encounter situations where they begin to question if certain things are okay to be written on their wedding invitations.

I say go for it, it’s your wedding anyway. It may sound weird but it would register in the minds of your guests, when they read it on their invitations.

So let’s get right into it, shall we?

So what weird things can you put on your Nigerian wedding invitations?


As annoying as this phrase can sound to the parents, it is best to add this phrase on your invitations, so as to reduce the number of guests that may show up.


At Nigerian parties, kids are mostly not considered as wedding guests and more often than not, kids aren’t included in the guestlist. For instance, you can have up to 50 kids in a 500 guestlist wedding, if not more. There by, taking up seats meant for actual guests

More so, kids can be unruly and difficult to coordinate. So if you don’t want them or want to reduce the number of kids at your wedding, then it is best to include this on your wedding invitations.

How to word it: There are no reservation for kids, adults only. OR Adults only event, no kids allowed.


If you would like your guests to incorporate uour wedding theme in their outfits, then t is best to let them know. Nigerian party goers are used to wearing asoebi and tying gele (head gear) for events and your wedding won’t be any different unless stated otherwise.

How to word it: Dress code: Tuxedos and Dresses. OR (Black Tie and English Dresses Only)


As weird as this may sound to some parents or couples, it’s a good way to let your guests know what you need and would appreciate as gifts. Some even go as far as adding their bank account details on the invitations (adding bank account details is extreme for me though, but do whatever you feel comfortable doing).

For instance, if the couple will be relocating out of the country after the wedding, gifts will be pretty useless to them, so why not a cash gift instead?

How to word it: Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, but if you do wish to gift us, a monetary gift would be appreciated.


We appreciate your generosity and look forward to your wonderful gifts, however due to logistics issues, the couple may not be able to receive physical gifts at the wedding. Kindly visit or scan (website or barcode) to send your gifts to the couple.


Even though having a gift registry is pretty common abroad, the idea is still pretty new to many Nigerians.

A gift registry is one where the couple have listed gift items that they need. So instead of guests buying a bunch of items they may not need, they can just pick an item off the gifts registry and get it for the couple.

How it works

Once someone buys an item on the gift registry, the item gets ticked off as bought and other guests can pick from the remaining items left on the list. The list can be on a registered site or on your wedding website.

How to word it: Please we advise the use of the couple’s wedding gift registry website, if you would like to give us a gift.


In light of the pandemic, I think this is very important to include at any Nigerian wedding no matter how small the guestlist is.

How to word it: Per Covid-19 regulations, please bring your masks. No masks, no entry.

What other weird but necessary things will you be adding to this list? Share with us in the comment section.

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