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Catering At A Nigerian Wedding: All You Need To Know

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When planning for a Nigerian wedding, it is important to understand how to adequately prepare for your wedding guests, in terms of food and drinks.

By culture, Nigerian events are known to have more guests than anticipated and it is always safer to prepare food for at least 200 or more guests than the actual number you are expecting.

For instance, if you are preparing for 500 guests, in reality, you should actually be preparing food for about 700 to 800 guests (no jokes).

General things you should know about catering at a Nigerian Wedding

Food at a Nigerian wedding is single-handedly the most important aspect of any Nigerian Wedding.

– 500 guests does not equal to 500 plates of food at a Nigerian Wedding. This is because Nigerians like having lots of people at their events.

The number of guests planned for, is never really the same number that would attend the wedding.

Apart from guests bringing uninvited plus-ones, Nigerian guests will eat at least twice or more at events.

So if you are expecting 500 guests, the reality is that about 700 to 800 guests will be in attendance and about 30% of your guests will eat more than one plate of food.

Nigerian wedding guests are very impatient people to host.

Everybody wants to be served food at the same time, which is impossible.

So to ensure that your guests don’t cause a scene, your caterer should come with as many efficient waiters as possible.

For example, at least 25 to 30 waiters for 500 guests. It is also important that the waiters are fast and are very efficient.

This is because as stated earlier, 500 guests most likely means 800 or more guests will show up in attendance for the wedding.

This could mean that you may be short-staffed for the actual number of guests that may show up for the wedding and we definitely do not want that.

– Waiters are also called servers in Nigeria

– Many Nigerian caterers charge per person/plate. And it ranges from N1,500 to N7,000 (Naira), depending on the menu and choice of caterer.

– No Nigerian wedding is complete without the infamous Nigerian jollof rice!

– You can have a variety on your wedding menu. Ranging from Nigerian dishes to Continental cuisines.

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Not every Nigerian Caterer understands that food presentation is just as important as the food taste itself.

So if you are particular about presentation of the food, please ask your caterer for specific details on how the plating of the food will look like.

Do not assume that every caterer you reach out to will understand the importance of beautiful food presentation…

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– Not all caterers food packages come with table settings inclusive. And by table settings, what I mean is (Charger plates, napkin folds, water and wine glasses, menu cards etc)

IG: @laheiress
IG: @laheiress

Please be sure to ask before hiring the caterer as this could mean that you may have to pay an additional fee for this or even have to source for another vendor to handle this separately.

– The most common type of catering serving is the plated service.

Plated service means each guest is served a meal individually, and is commonly encountered at Nigerian weddings.

A waiter serving guests plated meals at one of our events

So if you want any other kind of service, say a Buffet (serve yorself service) set up, please inform your caterer as this may come at an additional fee.

Buffet (serve yourself service) at an event.
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– Depending on your number of guests, it is advisable to have more than one caterer if your guestlist is more than 400.

– Back up caterers are definitely a welcome idea at Nigerian Weddings

– It is advisable not to engage a Nigerian wedding caterer in more than one service.

What this means is that, a caterer should be hired to deliver catering services ONLY and not to add other food services, like small chops, drinks etc to the catering services that they would be providing.

My reason for saying this is simple… Catering at a Nigerian wedding can be very stressful and needs full concentration. If the same caterer engages in other services, such as the provision of small chops or drinks for the same event, there is a 50% possibility that one of these other services would suffer great consequences.

It is always better to allow the caterer focus on the food, while other vendors can be contacted for the other aspects where food is concerned

I hope this article helps…

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