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Nigerian Wedding Games: Outdoor, Reception and after-party unique wedding game ideas for 2022

I’m a lover of wedding Games but I also get easily bored with the repetition of the same games over and over again.

It’s a new year and I think Nigerian wedding games need a fresh perspective… I am hopeful that our MC’s would give us some wedding games magic this year.

Plus you can always add your own unique twist to any existing games and make it yours. Don’t be afraid to create new traditions.

That said, I have made a list of some wedding game ideas that Nigerian Wedding MC’s can adopt in 2022.

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Nigerian Wedding Reception Game ideas

1. The ‘ 2 becomes 1’ balloon game


I first saw this game at one of our events in 2018, MC decmaine was the host and had introduced the game. I remember asking him about the game and the significance he gave to the game, made the game even more meaningful to me.

The Premium MC explained that it was a signature game that he had created and he plays the game at weddings to remind couples of the impending challenges marriage brings, but also to show them that they can surpass every challenge if they work together.

And of a truth, I haven’t seen the game played at any other wedding.

In the ‘2 become 1 balloon’ game, the balloon is placed in-between the couple while they try to move the balloon to their faces without it dropping to the floor. It requires the couple working together to ensure that the balloon doesn’t drop.

2. The Raffle Draw Game

A beautiful modern raffle draw box
This rafle drum will work perfectly for a Rustic wedding
This raffle box will work perfectly for a old Hollywood themed wedding

Gift or task tags are placed under the chairs before your guests arrive. The MC announces for guests to check under their chairs for a tag and whoever finds a tag, picks a Raffle and either does a task or wins a gift.

3. Heads or Tails

This game is a very inclusive game and can be played by a wide age range. The players will gather in a line facing the audience.

In the first round, the players determine if they are going to be ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ by placing their hands on their head or on their tail. Players must keep their hands in those positions and cannot change after they have made the initial decision. The MC can choose a volunteer to flip a coin or the MC can flip it himself. If the coin lands on ‘Heads’ all those who chose ‘Tails’ are out of the game and must sit down. The next round begins with those that remain choosing ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ again. This continues until one person remains. This person wins the gift.

4. The Ring Toss Game

It’s the ‘wedding rings shaped’ for me

Have your guests toss the rings onto empty wine bottles for a fun wedding party game.

5. The Limbo Game

Guests will have a blast trying to successfully make their way under the limbo stick without touching it or the floor. With each turn, the stick gets lower and lower to the floor, making it more difficult and more fun just how flexible they can be.

6. The Dance Battle

When guests are feeling groovy, send them out to the dance floor for a dance-off! They can show off their best moves, while the bride and groom choose their best dancer. This is a fun game that can also be played between the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen.

7. Dance Cam

Whoever the camera show light shines on, the person shows off some dance moves and then the camera moves to the next person. A screen and a camera man is needed for this.

8. A game of charades

Have your guests act out a name, phrase, animal or place, while the rest of the table tries to guess what they’re trying to say.

9. The Scavenger Hunt Game (for themed events)

Credit: Bellenga

The best way to get your guests to notice the beautiful wedding theme, is by involving them and this game is perfect for that. Have your guests scout the venue looking for clues to your wedding-theme. Break guests up into teams. Team members must work together to solve a clue, which reveals the following clue until the end and a winning team is revealed. There are a lot of ways to plan the perfect scavenger hunt, so you can customizable this as you deem fit.

10. Dancing round the chair

This Nigerian wedding game has been around for a while now. Many Nigerians grew up playing this game and it is always fun recreating it at weddings.

Have guests dance around chairs while the music is playing and make sure they all find a chair once the DJ stops the music. The number of chairs are usually one lesser than the number of guests dancing around them. Remove a chair with each round and watch your guests struggle to be the last one sitting.

11. The gele game

I’m personally tired of this particular wedding game but it’s a favourite for many, hence my inclusion of it. But it can be switched up, I mean instead of the gele game, we can try knotting a tie or shoelace or even peeling an egg…

For the gele game, guests are asked to tie gele (head gear) for one another. Mostly men tie for women and vice versa, within a stipulated time frame. The crowd determines the winner by deciding who tied the nicest head gear.

12. Table games that brings back childhood memories.

A table games set up at one of our events IG: @aheiress
A Ludo Game

I’ve had some table games at some of our events and it is always a blast! Table games with games like Ludo, ayo, monopoly and other games that takes us back to our childhood. We have had some of these games during some of our events and it has always been been blast.1

13. The Wheel Of Fortune

The spinning game at one of our events. The guests had a little treat before entering the reception venue. Courtesy of their lovely wedding planner La Heiress Weddings

14. The bride and groom trivia between friends and family

Have the MC ask the bridal party to fill out the trivia questions earlier hours of the reception ceremony, then later read out the answers, whichever team gets the most answers, wins a gift.

15. This or that

IG: @parrotprince

The MC ask a this or that questions between two similar things. He does this by asking two representatives to hold a placard and guests walk towards the one they are a fan of.

It could be two musicians (Davido or Wizkid) or food (jollof rice or Ghana jollof) or (money or love).

16. The Shoe Game

The bride and groom sit back-to-back while both holding each other shoes as the guests find out how well they really know each other!

The MC ask questions like:

Who farts more?

Who has the better  singing voice?

Who is most likely to fall asleep during a movie?

Who said I love you first?

Who is the better dancer?

Who eats more?

Who made the first move?

For a change, you can swap seats with other couples at your wedding, such as your mum and dad or your couple friends.

17. Virtual Reality Games

After all, the future is virtual, so why not?

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Nigerian outdoor wedding game ideas

Giant Chess Board Game

What better way to show off your smarts than with a giant version of this timeless game of chess? Not only will it be entertaining, but the giant chess set looks pretty cool and adds colour to your outdoor decor, plus large groups can play together and it’s good fun for a wide range of ages.

2. Jumbo Jenga Game

This game is played on a tabletop but can be amplified by using big blocks for big fun. Players are to carefully remove and restack the wooden blocks to create a sturdy structure.

The goal of the game is to not let the tower topple over after removing the blocks to create a sturdy structure. You can also personalised the wooden blocks by branding each slab of wood with your wedding initials, date, wedding logo etc…

To further make it fun, you can add a list of things to do on each block as show in the pictures above. This could be real fun for your wedding guests.

3. Giant Connect Four

Guests can take turns dropping the coloured round discs into the giant game board. To win, you must get four of the same colour in a row before your opponent blocks your row. You can also personalise this by adding anything that reminds you of your big day.

4. A Fun Photobooth

A fun photobooth can be a nice way to get your guests talking and mingling.

5. Hula Hoops Game

The idea is to have your guests wriggle around and try not to let their hoop fall to the ground. It sounds like a fun wedding game.

Nigerian Wedding After-party game ideas

As we all know that the after-party is the real party at a Nigerian wedding… instead of just having your guests dance and eat, you can spice this up by adding some hot games.

1. Spinning Wheel

Have your guests come up and spin the wheel for a chance to bestow funny challenges on the bride and groom… and on each other. You your guests will love this!

2. Beer Pong

All you need are a few cups, a ball and some beer/alcohol to make pong.

3. The Dart Game

3. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe, noughts and crosses, or Xs and Os is a paper-and-pencil game for two players who take turns marking the spaces in a three-by-three grid with X or O. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is the winner.

The X and O’s have been substituted with the green and red cups. Credit: IG @theafterpartycompany

4. Ring toss

Have your guests toss the rings onto empty wine bottles for a fun wedding party game.

Set the bottles up in a chest. Then tape a line on the other side of the room with a bucket of rings. Give the guests two or three rings and tosses each.

5. The limbo game

This is the ultimate after-party game for me, especially after a few drinks! Winks! (Picture above)

6. Mini Basketball hoops

Just like basketball, you slam dunk. Get your guests to slam the ball into the basket and the couple does something on the wedding basket list.

You can personalised this as well

I hope you found the article helpful.

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La’ Heiress Weddings

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