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Basic Nigerian Wedding Planning Packages (pros and cons)


Nigerian Wedding Planners have 3 Basic Wedding Planning Packages that they offer their couples.

In some cases, not all planners offer these 3 Wedding packages, due to their individual experiences.

So be sure to ask all the right questions when reaching out to that favourite planner of yours.

Please and please, do not make any assumptions when hiring your wedding planner. Ask all the necessary questions, and make clarifications where necessary.

That said, let’s dive right into the 3 basic wedding planning packages that almost every Nigerian wedding planner offer to their couples.

The 3 Basic Nigerian Wedding Planning Packages

There are 3 basic wedding planning packages to expect from your Nigerian planner:

– The Full Wedding Planning Package

– The Partial Wedding Planning Package

– The Wedding Coordination Package

I’ll be explaining what each Package means.

Please bear in mind that each package may be given a fancy title but they mean basically the same thing.

Note: That different planners have different complementary services that accompany each of their packages and this may vary with different planners.

1. The Full Wedding Planning Package

This may also be called the Premium Wedding Planning Package by some planners.

What this basically means is that the planner handles the whole event from conception to delivery.

They handle the TOTAL selection of vendors, budgeting, payments, rehearsals, photos hoots, outfits etc and event coordination on the wedding day.

Under this package, the planner may list out a couple of complementary services that would come with the package.

In this package, the client may not be allowed to select or source for vendors of their choice. The Planner handles the full planning of the event, in conjunction with their coordination team on the event day.

This package is ideal for that bride who is busy or doesn’t want to be stressed at all or bothered with the planning process and just wants to come as a guest to her own wedding.

2. The Partial Wedding Planning Package

The client and the wedding planner both source for vendors in whatever ratio that works for the planner.

What this means is that, while the bride or couple may have concluded on some of their wedding vendors the wedding planner sources for the remaining vendors, then coordinate all the vendors on the wedding day.

This package is ideal for that bride who wants to be involved in the planning process and probably has one or two vendors that she has been eying and would like to use for her wedding.

The Package may include that the event manager for the planning company, and not the Head Planner, will handle the event from the planning process to coordination on the event day.

What this mean is that the next in command to the head planner, will be the one to handle the planning and coordinating of the event, but it will still be under the same wedding planning company.

3. The Wedding Coordination Package

This package is ideal for the D.I.Y (Do- It-Yourself) and hands-on Bride.

These type of brides love to plan their wedding themselves, so they handle the planning which includes sourcing and handling of payments to the wedding vendors, conceptualising the theme, the floorplan, the event flow etc…

This bride would need a team of professionals to help coordinate these vendors and their activities on the event day and this is where this wedding coordination package comes in.

What this means is that a team of wedding professionals will come in about 4-weeks to the wedding to help tidy up loose ends. Create floorplans, event timelines, reception flow etc… depending on what is left to be done by the couple.

Note: Not all Nigerian wedding planners offer this wedding coordination package, because from the Nigerian wedding planners forum, the statistics shows that events where the planners are not fully involved in, tends to be the most difficult of events to coordinate.

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Nigerian Wedding Planner Or A Wedding Coordinator

In as much as some services may cost more or less, it is important to weigh all your options so as to know what works best for you.



– Nigerian wedding planners tend to give more priority to their full and partial wedding planning packages and those clients who hire them to either fully or partially plan their wedding tend to get the best of their services.

Plus the Head Planner will probably be on ground to ensure that the event goes hitch-free.

– You do not get to make costly mistakes when selecting vendors or making some critical choices that can make or mar your event. Planners have inside knowledge about wedding vendors and every aspect of a wedding.

– The discounts! Who doesn’t love a little discount here and there. A planner can help you get discounts from some of your vendors, due to their planner/vendor relationships.

I was once able to knock off N50,000 (Naira) from a DJ’s fees. The discounts may vary from vendor to vendor.

– You are not stressing about your big day. A planner would take the stress off you from the beginning of the planning process until the end and you get to enjoy every moment of your big day.

– You get introduced to ideas you could have never thought of on your own.

– Planners are the ones who worry about fixing anything that may go wrong, before, during and in some cases, after the event.

– Planners are your bestfriends with an objective view during this planning period.

You can share things you don’t feel comfortable sharing with any friend or family member, as it regards your wedding.

Being able to share your burdens with your planner, may reduce your stress levels during the planning process.

Wedding planning comes with different levels of stress. Be it from family or from your spouse, religious leaders, friends, financially etc… you may need someone outside these set of people to talk to and your planner is your best bet.


– A wedding planner is definitely an extra cost on the wedding budget and planners do not come cheap. But it is worth every penny if you hire a good one.

– Ideas cost money. As nice as some of the ideas your planner may introduce to you may sound, this may increase your budget significantly… but it would be worth every penny.

– If you are a control freak, i’m sorry to break it to you, but you may not be in total control.

Your planner will need to be informed about any decision before taking that decision. So it may make you feel detached from the whole planning process, especially if you are a hands-on person.

So if you are one of those bride’s who have envisioned planning their own wedding and like to be in control, you may inform your planner about wanting to be involved in the planning process as much as possible, then you both can work out a schedule.

– Finding the perfect planner for you. Best believe when I tell you that you may find it a bit difficult to find or get a planner you connect with.

It is important that you can connect on a somewhat deeper level with your planner, as this will help you share some private things during the course of the planning.

A great planner is also a great listener and adviser. So finding someone you can connect with is critical when choosing your planner for your big day.



– A wedding coordinator is normally cheaper than hiring a wedding planner.

– A coordinator takes the last minute stress off the couple, hereby helping the couple feel a bit more relaxed on their big day.


– Some Nigerian vendors are harder to work with, especially if they are not sourced for by the coordinator/Planner.

They may not be willing to take orders from the coordinator, thereby making it difficult for the coordinator to executive their job flawlessly…

This sometimes happens when the client handles payment to the vendors as this makes the vendor’s loyalty drawn towards the client (Nigerian Wedding Vendors tend to show their loyalty towards anybody who handles their payment).

– The coordinator may not be aware of some critical details or information regarding the event, because they were not involved in the whole event planning process from the beginning.

Some details may be miscommunicated or even lost during the last minute communications. This may make it harder for the coordinator to effectively coordinate some aspects of the event.

– Depending on when the coordinator is hired, they may not have enough time to get all the necessary information or do the necessary follow up with the vendors. Some coordinators are hired 2 weeks or even a week to the event.

I normally advise that wedding-day coordinators should be hired at least between 4 to 6 weeks before the event date.

I hope you found this helpful.

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