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Questions To Ask Nigerian Wedding MC’s Before Booking Them

The importance of having a great MC for your wedding cannot be over-emphasized. A good MC will not only entertain your guests but also keep everyone grounded.

And by asking the right questions, you are one step away from either avoiding a looming wedding disaster or you are probably going to be making the best decision ever for your big day!

This whole hiring process can be easier if the MC has a good social media presence, because a lot of the questions would already be answered judging from their social media pages.

But if someone had recommended the MC’s service to you and you aren’t feeling quite confident about the MC or haven’t really seen any event that the MC has anchored, then you can go ahead to ask all the listed questions below and even add any other question you would like answers to.

So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Questions to ask your Nigerian Wedding MC


1. Are you available for our wedding date?

2. How long have you been a wedding MC?

3. What kind of events do you anchor?

4. How many weddings have you performed at and what is the largest number if guests you have had to anchor?

TIP: If your wedding is going to be a large one, you can also ask what challenges he faced anchoring a large wedding in Nigeria.

5. Can we see some of your feedback from your past clients?

6. Can we see you perform at another event before we book you?

7. Do you have a video of you at work that we can see?

8. Will you be the MC at our wedding?

9. Do you perform at more than one wedding in a day?

10. Have you performed at our reception venue before?

11. Do you host out-of-state events?

Questions on outfits, Equipment and fees

11. What will you be wearing for our wedding day?

12. Will you be willing to wear a themed outfit to complement our wedding theme? Will this cost more?

13. What kind of equipment do you use/need?

14. Will you bring a wireless microphone?

15. How much do you charge?

16. What does your fees include?

17. How much are we expected to pay upfront to secure our date?

Questions on services offered and his modus operandi

18. Do you offer hypeman services for the after-party? Does this come with your package or do you charge an extra for this?

19. What happens when you have to take breaks during our event?

20. What time will you arrive at our venue?

21. When will our wedding reception details be required?

22a. What kind of games will you be playing at our wedding?

22b. Do you have games that would engage both the old and young? Can you share some with us?

23. Are we allowed to choose the games we like?

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24. Are you going to be having any meetings with us (the couple), before the day?

25. If for any unforeseeable reason you are unable to perform at our wedding, are you going to provide us with an alternative MC and would we meet this person before our wedding?

26. Can you anchor a wedding in a different language apart from English?

27. How do you manage difficult situations during events? Have you had one before? Care to share?

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