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Questions To Ask Your Nigerian Wedding DJ’s

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Whenever a couple tells me that they have someone who is a DJ and would handle their wedding, I get nervous… Because you don’t just want a DJ, you want an EXPERIENCE!

In as much as we have many experienced Nigerian DJs out there, there are also many who don’t know the first thing about DJing at a Nigerian Wedding.

Even if you are going with your own DJ, please be sure to ask them the right questions.

There are plenty of things to consider before you book your wedding DJ.  While some are more obvious than others, many are often neglected by engaged couples during the planning stages and result in unfortunate outcomes on their wedding day.

I have put together a list of questions to ask your Nigerian Wedding DJ before booking them for your big day.

Questions to ask your Nigerian DJ

Basic Questions

1. The first question I always ask any vendor is if they are available for my wedding date. There is no point going forward if the vendor isn’t available for my wedding date.

2. How many weddings have you handled? You may want to ask for their social media pages as well.

3. Have you worked at my wedding venue before? If he has, he should have an idea of what will be needed in terms of equipment and probably any othe of their hall rules that may affect him.

4. Ask for his charges and if he offers any other complimentary services, like lighting etc…

5. How far in advance do I need to I book my date with you? How much should we deposit now and when is the final payment due?

6. What are your cancellation policies?

7. Will you be present for my wedding? Some DJs may send an assistant if he has another wedding gig for the same day.

Equipment and After-Party

8a. Will you be providing sound systems for the entire space?

8b. What kind of stage and space do you require for your set up?

9. Can you bring wireless microphones for the MC or any other host?

10. Can we see a picture of your set up?

11. Do you handle after-parties and does this come at an extra cost?

12. Will you be coming with a hypeman for the after-party?

13. Can you work with the Band’s sound systems?

14. Do you have a backup laptop incase something goes wrong with your main laptop?

Music, Playlist, outfits and working with other vendors

15. Can you work amicably with my band?

16. What kind of music do you play at weddings?

17. Do you have a wedding mixtapes or a link we can listen to?

18. Do you mind us selecting the wedding songs we want for our wedding?

19. How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover?

20. If you are unable to perform for some reason, do you have a reliable backup replacement ready to go? And can we meet with the replacement as well?

21. What kind of outfit will you be wearing?

Set-up time

22. What time will you be setting-up at my wedding venue?

Wedding TIP: Now will probably be a good time to talk about hall rules that pertains to the DJ… like if the hall won’t be powering the DJ or if you need any form of sound extensions for the joining or engagement ceremonies in the morning.

If you want to avoid any of these and want the right questions asked to all your Nigerian Wedding vendors, Contact Olamide at La’ Heiress Weddings to get started with your wedding planning today!

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