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The Nigerian Wedding MC: Everything You Should Know

IG: The Premium MC

A Wedding Emcee/MC/host is one who anchors a wedding reception ceremony.

The MC is the one with the microphone that takes your guests through the reception program, throw in a few games and ensures that the reception runs smoothly.

The role of the MC at a Nigerian wedding is so important, that if he is not present as at the time the reception is supposed to begin, the reception will not start.

The MC’s role also involves keeping your guests entertained, so he or she will need to get creative.

What You Need To Know About The Nigerian MC

A Wedding MC can make or mar your event, so it is important to understand a few things before hiring a Nigerian MC to anchor your wedding

Some of these things are but not limited to the following:

1. The type of events the MC anchors. An Emcee that anchors only corporate events or kiddies parties, may not be the right MC for a wedding. As corporate events are somewhat different from weddings.

IG: @parrotprince

TIP: While some MC’s are pros at any kind of event, it is important to ask about the kind of events the MC can handle. Especially if his social media pages show more of other events than weddings.

2. Nigerian wedding MC’s can be pretty pricey, so don’t assume that they are cheap.

Some charge per hour, while some have a fixed fee or charge per wedding season of the year and some charge per number of guests.

3. Not all Nigerian Wedding MC’s are professional, some are completely uncouth. Do your research and be sure that your mc won’t be spilling vulgar words at your wedding. Except of course, if you are okay with this.

4. Not every Nigerian MC can anchor a large crowd.

As the Nigerian culture encourages large event gatherings, it is important to know if your MC can host a large crowd, as this requires a particular kind of expertise to be able to handle a large crowd.

While some MC’s are good at wedding games, others are good at anchoring large events or even hyping. It is important that the MC knows how to engage both the old and young wedding guests.

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5. Not all MC’s doubles as a hype-man. Nigerian weddings now have a habit of having an after-party after the wedding reception and this party would need the services of a hype-man to hype the guests and set them in the party mood.

The hype-man role requires a skilled professional because not all MC’s are gifted with this gift.

While some MC’s also hype for events, others don’t. Ask your MC about this if you would be needing a hype-man for your wedding’s after-party.

6. Not all Nigerian MC’s can switch it up.

For instance, you have a themed wedding and would like your MC to wear an outfit to reflect your wedding theme…

A Cinderella themed wedding we planned and the The Premium MC dressed as a prince

NOTE: Some may charge an extra fee to accommodate any extras, like themed outfits, wedding games props or an after-party, while some may have an all inclusive fee.

7. A lot of Nigerian MC’s do not have their own wireless microphone and won’t come with one to your wedding.

TIP: It is advisable to ask your DJ or Band ahead of time to bring along a wireless microphone for your MC. To avoid stories that touch on your wedding day.

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8. Nigerian MC’s need to be given the wedding reception details that they may need before the event day.

Wedding details like, the full name of both parents, chairman’s details, full names of the couple, what the couple will prefer to be addressed as etc…

A sample of the one we have our clients fill out for our MC’s

They may not ask you for it, so ensure that you ask them for the details that they may need to anchor your wedding seamlessly or have your Wedding Planner do that for you.

9. Be sure that your Nigerian MC’s will be present at your wedding. Some MC’s take more than one event per day. So they may shuffle between the two events or even send an assistant to yours.

10. Some MC’s like to be fashionably late and this may delay the start time of your wedding reception. So be sure to give them your call time, that is the time you want the MC to be at the reception venue.

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