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Top 11 Wedding Hymns In Nigeria in 2022

When it comes to choosing wedding hymns to personalised your church wedding, there are some guiding principles you can follow to help you make the selection process easier…

But first, let me explain what a hymn is and why churches sing hymns at weddings.

1. What are hymns?

Hymns are religious songs or poems of praise to God or a god.

2. Why are hymns sung at weddings?

It is no surprise hymns are sung at weddings, as the songs are religious in nature and as a result, it seems perfect for a religious setting, especially weddings.

Singing hymns at a wedding is a traditional part of a religious ceremony…

Hymns are a fantastic way to break the wedding programme up, get your guests joining in, and personalising your ceremony.


3.  How many hymns can be sung at a Nigerian church/joining wedding ceremony?

This is a personal choice. But it is preferable to limit the number to at most 3 or 4 hymns, especially if you don’t want the service prolonged. Plus you definitely don’t want to keep your guests for longer than necessary.

There are usually two to three hymns sung during Nigerian Church ceremonies.
– 1 Processional hymns
– 1, 2 or 3 Congregational hymns
– 1 Recessional hymns

1. The processional Hymn: This is the first hymn which comes at the beginning after the minister’s welcome.

2. The Congregational Hymn: This is the second hymn which is sung during or after the signing of the register. 2 or more hymns can be sung during the ceremony.

3. The Recessional Hymn: This is the last hymn right after the final blessing. In Nigeria, it is normally sung to usher the couple out of the church or ceremony.

Joining ceremonies are usually a shorter time duration than church ceremonies and it is advisable to keep the hymns to two or three at most.

4. Choosing the right wedding hymn for your wedding

I would advise that before choosing the right hymn, confirm from your church how many you are allowed to have in the programme.

It is also important to consider your guests and pick hymns that are quite popular and hymns that almost everybody knows the lyrics and can sing to.

Once you have confirmed this, you can go ahead to shortlist the hymns you like. It could be one you’ve always liked from your childhood or one that reflects your personalities.

If you do not have any hymn that resonates with you, then you can try picking according to the lyrics of the hymn. If the lyrics speaks to you, then you can go ahead and include it in your hymn list.

You can also ask for assistance or suggestions from your family, friends or the church you intend getting married in.

5. Choosing the right musical instrument for your hymns

It’s important to think about the musical instrument you want to be played along with these hymns and also inform the church about this.

You can also bring in an instrumentalist if you have a preferred vendor you would like to use, this should be done with the church’s approval.

6. Can you have hymns at a Nigerian civil wedding, a.k.a Court Wedding?

As far as I know, hymns are not allowed at court/civil weddings in Nigeria. You can also ask the registry you intend to use for your civil wedding if they can permit this.

Here are the top wedding hymns popularly used in Nigeria:

TOP 11 Wedding hymns in Nigeria for 2022

1. Great is thy faithfulness

2. To God be the glory

3. Blessed Assurance

4. God give us Christian homes

5. Showers of blessings

6. All things bright and beautiful

7. In christ Alone

8. Love Divine, all things excelling

9. Oh Perfect Love

10. My hope is built on nothing less

11. How great thou hath

Added an extra one, just because I couldn’t help it, plus it’s one of my absolute favourites

12. Through the Love of God our saviour (all will be well)

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck!

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