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What To Expect From Your Nigerian Wedding MC When You Hire Them: A planner’s perspective


As a Nigerian Wedding Planner, I have certain expectations when I hire a vendor.

It can be upsetting when you hire a vendor and some normal expectations are not met.

Many Nigerian Wedding vendors do not understand what is expected of them, and in as much as I believe that there is always room for improvement, a wrong first impression may not sit well with me.

So in this article I will be sharing my expectations of Nigerian MC’s as a Wedding Planner in Nigeria. I also believe that I am talking on behalf of Wedding Planners in Nigeria.

What to Expect from your Nigerian Wedding MC


1. Communication

The first for me is communication. I believe that we all have things that can keep us busy but it is important for us planners, to be able to communicate with our vendors. Dont start forming busy after a down payment has been made for a job.

2. Ask relevant questions

Also ask the necessary questions as at when due. Not when the planner is busy during the event. that is when you would be asking for chairman’s details.

I for one, have a ‘MC details form’ that we send to our clients to fill. But it wouldn’t hurt to have the MC send us theirs so that we can compare and send to the client or you can also send to the client directly in a case where there is no planner for the event.

Planners and couples should also endeavour to give MC the details they request for when they ask for it.

This form should include everything you may need as regards the details such as chair person’s details, parents full names, person to do the opening and closing prayers, the toast etc and other relevant information that you think you may need on the day.

A sample of what I send to my clients to fill for my MC’s

Don’t start that annoying habit of shouting, ‘planner planner, we need you on the stage’ and only for the planner to come and you are asking for a detail that you should already have.

The fact that there is a planner on ground does not mean that they want to be disturbed for lack of efficiency on your part.

It is not easy coordinating over 20 vendors for one event. So the little help we can get, would go a long way as well.

3. Be Creative with your outfits and game props

When a planner tells you a theme for an event, be willing to go the extra mile. Even if you have to charge for it. It wont hurt to make an outfit for the event just to reflect the theme of the event.

The Props for your games can be designed in the theme of the event, like what MC Dayoice does. All these little details will make planners think of you first before any other wedding MC. It’s the effort that matters.

As a creative planner, I try to incorporate the theme in every way I can and the MC’s are not left out. We would even create a themed wedding reception programme event flow for our MC’s. See picture below:

Marvel-themed Wedding Reception programme flow that we created for the MC
Cinderella themed wedding reception programme flow we created for the MC at one of the weddings we planned

4. Availability for meetings

Please and please, as much as possible make yourself available for vendors meeting.

It is not easy for anyone to attend meetings but this meeing will essential for the success of the event, plus you get to meet other vendors as well and can relate better with them as regards expectations.

Many Nigerian MC’s don’t attend vendors meeting and won’t even have the decency to place a call through to explain their absence.

5. Share your game ideas with the planner or client

Be willing to share the games ideas you intend to play at the event. I for one love it when my MC and I have a sit down and we create games together.

Plus we can also send to the couple for verification because it is not all games that couples like. Like the blindfold game can be tricky and can go terribly if failed.

The shoe game is another game that can be tricky. Please be willing to share the questions you intend to ask with the couple

For instance, asking what colour of panties the bride is wearing can be offensive not only to the couple, but to guests as well.

6. Be creative with the wedding games

It is boring when you do or repeat the same games at all your events. There are are many wedding games out there, get creative with the games, add your own unique touch to it and always be prepared to bring your A-game on at all times.

I particularly like what Parrot Prince is doing in the wedding games department, he seems to be changing the game in at Nigerian weddings.

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7. Get to know your couple

After all, it is their wedding. It wouldn’t hurt to fix a meeting with them and get to know them a little. Their likes and dislikes, their concerns as regards hosting their big day, where they are from, the kind of family members they have etc.


8. Know your onions

I dont want the MC calling on the planner just because there is a delay in the timeline and asking me what to next to do.

I mean, it’s your job to get creative, you should know how to while away the time, while keeping the guests entertained.

We don’t need that extra headache of teaching you your job.

9. Own your Microphones

It wouldn’t hurt to have your own microphones.

I remember an event we had some time back and we were having technical issues with the DJ… the MC of the event Comedian Xtreme brought out his own microphone and saved the day.

I have also had a couple of DJ’s reach out to me complaining about the fact that they have to bring lots of equipment which cost money and then sti have to provide microphones for the MC.

They seem to think it’s unfair to them and I sincerely think that it is unfair to them too.

We’ve also had issues where there was no DJ and the band was reluctant to release his own microphone.

Even though he had been briefed earlier to bring a wireless microphone for the MC, but somehow he still felt the need to hold on to it and not give it to the MC when it was needed.

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10. A wedding ceremony is not a comedy show

Many Nigerian MC’s do not know the difference, they turn wedding receptions to their personal comedy show.

In as much as we expect some form of entertainment, it doesn’t mean that you should turn the wedding into a comedy show.

Reduce the jokes, except if the client specifically asks for jokes. If this is not the case, then please if you are going to crack jokes, make it very minimal.

11. Use breath mints

You will be talking to a lot of people in close proximity and it can be very offensive and uncomfortable to people if there is an unpleasant smell coming from the mouth.

Babajide Guerrero is a breath mint junkie and we love it! He is never caught unfresh!

12. Understand the crowd and be versatile

The Nigerian has versatile traditions and cultures. You should understand the crowd you are hosting, to enable you give them the premium entertainment you were paid to do.

Don’t go and be speaking plenty grammar (Big English), in a predominantly Yoruba crowd.

I particularly enjoy working with MC Decmaine and MC Jesse, as they have mastered the art of understanding their crowd. It’s the way they switch it up for me.

13. Be Present

Under no circumstances, should the MC be missing during the reception ceremony. In as much as I know that nature may come calling at anytime… but please try to do all nature’s business before the event starts.

If you must, eat and handle your business before the event starts. It can be quite frustrating if the planner is looking for you during the event.

Also try to inform a member of the planning team about your whereabouts if you are going to play a disappearing acts on us.

14. Understand that the wedding planner is the overall anchor of the event.

Some Nigerian MC’s have made it a habit to blatantly ignore the planner’s instructions, just because they believe that they have been in the MC profession for longer than methuselah’s age.

Don’t agree to one thing during the vendor’s meeting or any other meeting we must have had, only to do another thing on the event day.

It can be quite destabilizing because you don’t know if the client had warned sternly about some certain things.

For instance, the bride tells the planner that she doesn’t want guests standing up when they are dancing in and this had clearly been discussed with the MC, but only for the MC to tell guests to stand up for the latest couple in town!

Then our couple starts frowning and knowing Nigerian Wedding guests, they won’t listen to a second announcement. It’s the first one that they would carry on their heads like government work.

It also makes the planner look bad, like she didn’t play her part effectively. Moreover, any little thing can cause a mood change for the couple.

Like I was saying, the planner is the overall anchor, please let her do her job as well, don’t allow over sabi (I too know), ruin it for you. It is okay to give suggestions but please do it considerably and not trying to outshine the planner.

15. Be professional at all times

So at a wedding I attended, the MC kept touching the bride inappropriately.

At some point, I was wondering to myself what was going on and was beginning to think that it was all in my head, until the groom had had enough of it and almost scattered the place as a result of the very unprofessional MC.

No matter what your relationship is with the couple, try to stay professional at all times to avoid embarrassing moments.

16. Dress appropriately

Look good at all times. Not you wearing slippers or dressing casually, except you are specifically told to. Look dapper always.

Also ask what the couple’s expectations are, as regards outfits. The client may want you to wear a traditional outfit and then you turn up in a suit.

17. Make it short

The whole reception shouldn’t be more than 3 hours or less if possible. Too much talk ruins it for all of us.

The wedding guests will get tired and even the couple. Plus Nigerians don’t really listen except you are really good at captivating the crowd in some magical way. So make it short, straight to the point and fun.

You Know I Love You

X.O.X.O Your Integrity Planner

Olamide~ The Heiress

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