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8 Things Nigerian Wedding Planners Wished Their Couples Knew

It is no surprise that you hired a wedding expert for your big day. But sometimes, it may feel as though Nigerian wedding planners are hired for the wrong reasons.

There is pressure loaded on you from every corner and it is important to understand the necessary pressure to deal with and the very unnecessary ones.

The 7 things I would be listing in this article, are based off my experience as a wedding planner in Nigeria.

Things Nigerian Wedding Planners wished their couples knew

1. Communication is very important

As much as your Wedding Planner is an expert, she is not a mind reader and won’t know what your likes and dislikes are if you do not communicate. Your wedding planner is supposed to guide you and help you to avoid costly wedding mistakes, but they can only do this if you communicate.

Communication and open discussion help ensure that every detail of the wedding is discussed and covered. Not communicating well with your wedding planner can only lead to a wedding day disaster. A lot of wedding day disasters can be averted if there was proper wedding detail communication prior to the day.

2. You don’t need to please your wedding planner

Some couples feel the need to impress their wedding planner. Some even feel intimidated by their wedding planner. This is very unnecessary. If you do not want an after-party, then say so. You don’t need to go along with every idea shared by your wedding planner, as long as it would not affect your wedding negatively.

I always give my clients the option to say no. So when I advise my client about a service or a vendor, I would add something like this, “but if you want to go with another vendor, that’s okay as well”, or this is just my opinion based on your wedding details or theme but we can also share ideas.

Me saying this, is my way of making my couple feel comfortable and them not feeling like I’m forcing my vendors or ideas on them.

Please feel free to say NO to anything you do not want or feel comfortable about. It could be the extras or even some vendors that are out of your budget.

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3. Your Wedding Planner does not want to be put in the middle of your family drama

It is no surprise that wedding planning comes with a lot of drama between spouses, family and even friends, but please find a way to settle this amicably without pitching your wedding planner against anybody. Please don’t pitch us against your mum and your future Mother-In-Law.

We absolutely love to help navigate these issues but please don’t put us in a bad spot by not standing your ground. If you want to lie to your family or spouse about wedding costs, please do so on your own and don’t involve your planner, by asking them to lie for you.

This not only makes your planner feel uncomfortable, but it can also backfire.

4. Your Wedding Planner may not be the right one for you and that’s okay.

You may not see eye to eye on a lot of things regarding your wedding planning and this may be a sign that the wedding planner is not the right fit for your wedding… feel free to terminate the wedding planner’s services and look for the right one for your big day.

You are going to be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner, so it is important to get the right fit for you. You want to feel comfortable around your planner and not feel like you are not being heard or understood.

5. You need to trust your Wedding Planner

Not trusting your Nigerian Wedding Planner is like not trusting your doctor. As much as you need to trust your wedding planner, the wedding planner also needs to feel like they are being trusted.

More so, your wedding planner has probably handled a lot of weddings and know their way around a lot of things, as it regards planning your Nigerian Wedding. You would need to trust your Nigerian Wedding planner to make some decisions on your behalf.

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Once you have made up your mind to go ahead with any planner of your choice, you need to understand that trusting your wedding planner will make the whole planning process easier for the two of you.

Take a step back and allow your wedding planner do the work they have been hired to do. You just have to trust that they have your best interest at heart and they won’t be able to do this if you question their every move.

6. Your Wedding Planner wants the best for your wedding

As much as it is your wedding, it is also another wedding to prove that the wedding planner is the best at what they do. It is important that all goes well for your Nigerian wedding planner.

Most of the advice given to you, is just so that your event goes hitch-free and you have a memorable day. You shouldn’t see this as a personal attack on your wedding choices. Their goal is NOT to ruin your day.

Many couples make emotional choices that may not be good for their wedding day overall experience. The job of your planner is to help you see through these things, so it is advisable that you listen to them.

7. Something may go wrong at your wedding

Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This can also be applied to planning a wedding ceremony. A lot of intricate details goes into planning a wedding and a detail can be forgotten or not properly planned for…

Believe me when I tell you that your wedding planner is on top of things and you would be fine no matter what happens. Don’t allow this ruin your day. You need to be mentally prepared because your wedding day is single-handedly the most important event in your life, that you would have to plan.

Wedding planning involves a lot of people, ideas, opinions and just a whole lot of details. A family member may bring up a last minute vendor or your guestlist may suddenly shoot up…whatever the case may be, trust that your planner is handling things while you focus on enjoying your big day.

8. Creating a realistic wedding budget is very important when planning your event

When your Nigerian Wedding Planner ask about your wedding budget, don’t feel ashamed to talk about this topic. The wedding budget is the foundation on which every other thing regarding the wedding planning is built on.

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So the earlier you get the wedding budget out of the way, the earlier the wedding planning can begin. It is also important not to lie about these things, as the consequences can be disastrous. I wrote an article on Why You Should Not Lie To Your Nigerian Wedding Vendors, this would help you understand this point a little more.

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