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Wedding Themes: How To Pick The Right Wedding Theme For Your Nigerian Wedding

What is a wedding theme?

Every great wedding has a theme. This could be centered on a colour, an era or even the couple’s love for a particular thing.

The theme is what brings together different aspects of the wedding.

To get the theme right, it has to be done majorly with the right elements for the decorations and vendor’s deliverables.

How To Pick A Wedding Theme

You already know what you love, so don’t be dazzled by other people’s opinions.

If you love natural soft tones, go for it! If you have an affinity for all things wooden, work it into your theme.

This is the one day of your life that you get to express your taste/fantasies, so don’t squander it by listening to… “well, at my wedding we had…”

Why Do Couples Have Wedding Themes?

Themes help to personalize your special day. It makes the day unique to you and your spouse.

From a planner’s perspective:
I personally love themed Weddings, because it helps open our creativity tank and it also helps to define the wedding, generally making it easier to personalize the wedding for our couples.

A defined aesthetics can help in making important wedding planning decisions. It helps the wedding planner focus on a particular thing and all ideas can be directed in one direction and in making the theme a reality.

6 Tips To Consider When Picking A Wedding Theme

1. Wedding Budget: For me, the wedding budget is very important because themed Weddings are usually more expensive and this is because most times, the accents purchased in making the theme a reality, are used one time and may never be used again.

So a lot of vendors would have to create special accents to incorporate the theme and this cost money.

2. Season: The season plays a major role in your theme selection, depending on the wedding theme you decide to have. For instance, if you want a garden wedding, then you should consider picking a date during the dry season because that may mean that you want an outdoor wedding.

3. Wedding Venue: I personally believe that the key to having a great wedding theme incorporated beautifully, starts with the wedding venue.

It is easier to work with a venue that already has few elements of your wedding theme. For instance, a wedding venue painted all white with crystal chairs for a cinderella or fairytale themed wedding, will be better than a multi coloured painted venue with red banquet chairs.

It is always better to ensure that the space and venue features can work well with whatever theme that you have in mind, as this will also help you spend less money.

4. The Wedding Colours: This may not be the easiest task, but having a theme may make the process a lot easier, as colours also play a major role in ensuring that your wedding theme comes out right.

For instance, black, white, pink and red may work well for a Paris themed wedding, instead of yellow and brown.

5. Your guests: if you want your guests incorporated into your wedding theme, then you may have to put them into consideration when picking a theme for your wedding.

For example, if you want an English themed wedding, where your guests are to come in tuxes and dresses, then this should mean that your guests are the prim and proper kind, the type of guests that would understand what to wear, if this additional detail is added on the invitation cards.

Your wedding theme should also be easily recognised by your guests, you don’t want them all dressed up and your wedding venue decor isn’t doing justice. This may make them feel wrongly dressed and out of place.

6. Your personalities: Think about what you and your spouse like, your hobbies, passions, interests, work etc… What key things best describes both of you? Your wedding theme should be personal to you and your spouse. It should stand out to you. You want to enter your wedding venue and evoke beautiful memories and whatever it is that the theme means to you.

Wedding Tip: A wedding theme is important, but not necessary. Don’t feel coerced into picking a wedding theme, just because your friend had a wedding theme. Wedding theme comes with additional expenses and except your wedding budget can accommodate the extra expenses, you should not be forced to have a wedding theme.

How To Incorporate Your Wedding Theme Into Your Wedding

As a lover and planner of themed Weddings, believe me when I tell you that the tiniest detail matter… from your wedding decor, to your outfits, down to your stationery, everything matters when you are planning a themed wedding.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate your wedding theme into your wedding:

1. The decor: The decor is single-handedly the most important factor to consider when thinking themed weddings. From the sweetheart area designs, to the walkway, the centrepieces, everything should have a touch of the wedding theme. The photo area and other aspects should not be left out too.

Guests should be able to tell what your wedding theme is from the moment they get to the venue and walk into your wedding hall.

2. Your outfits: you, your spouse and your bridal party can opt for themed outfits instead of the regular wedding outfits.

3. Your wedding stationery: This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your wedding theme. From the invitation cards, to the menu cards, to the guestbook, name place cards, bottle stickers and a lot more can be personalized to fit into your wedding theme and it’s one of the easiest ways for your guests to easily identify your wedding theme.

4. Your hostesses: Your wedding hostesses can also dress the part. They can hold themed placards as well.

5. Your wedding vendors: I always advise that you create a themed mood board for your vendors to give them an idea of how they can incorporate the wedding theme and what is expected of them.

The theme can be incorporated into their set ups, items that they use to serve and also their outfits.

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Top 7 Wedding Themes In Nigeria

1. Vintage theme: Vintage means old. All things ancient. You may have to pick a particular era as this would make the whole planning process easier.

2. Winter Wonderland: All things icy, tinge of powered blue, silver and white.

3. Rustic Theme: All things rusty, wooden.

4. Paris Theme: fashion elements, black, white, pink and red colours, Eiffel Tower… etc

5. Fairytale Theme: All things princessy, baby pink, sky blue, lilac, silver, gold and white are the main colours for a fairytale themed wedding. Ball gowns, carriages are also elements that can be incorporated into a fairytale theme.

6. Movie theme: Movie elements, production elements. For example, clapper board, award palettes, movie covers, walk of fame, film strips, popcorn etc.

7. Travel theme: Travel boxes, air hostesses, travel destination name cards, airplanes etc…

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Other Examples Of Wedding Themes:

  • Rainbow wedding theme: A colourful wedding.
  • Cinderella wedding theme: A fairytale ambience. Mostly decorated with white, baby pink, sky blue and silver, crystals…
  • Winter Wonderland Theme
  • Las Vegas Wedding Theme
  • Beach Wedding Theme: on the beach
  • Christmas Wedding Theme
  • Outdoor Wedding Theme
  • Angel Themed Wedding is characterise d by Feathers, angel wings, white petals, crystals etc
  • Paris themed wedding is characterized by elements such as Eiffel Tower, pink, white, black and red colours etc to name a few.
  • Medical Themed Wedding

There are so many themes that can be incorporated into your dream wedding. You really just need to think up something that is personal to you and your spouse and a theme can be generated from this particular thing. It’s all about incorporating the right elements in the necessary places.

Themed Weddings are always fun because of all the intricacies involved and is definitely worth giving a try if your wedding budget can permit the extras.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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