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14 Guidelines For Having An Outdoor Naija Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding can be a beautiful and memorable experience.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when planning an outdoor wedding:

1. Have a backup plan: The weather can be quite unpredictable and the unexpected may happen. It is important to have a back up plan.

For instance, if it rains, you may need to rent some canopies on short notice, especially if you had planned on having an outdoor event with no canopies, like on a beach or a garden.

2. Ask the right questions when booking for the outdoor space: Asking the right questions can help you create a more realistic wedding budget and can also help you to know what you would be needing to have a hitch-free wedding.

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3. Make additional icecubes or blocks provision for your drinks: The weather is probably going to be hot and iced drinks may get hot quickly as a result of this. So it is important to make provision for additional ice for the drinks.

4. Pest control: There would most likely be lots of flying and crawling insects, so having the entire space disinfected a couple of days before your event is a must.

5. Make preparation for the hot weather: During my wedding, a guest had heat stroke. The amount of fans we had was not enough for the kind of heat that the heavens decided to flood us with on that day.

Ensure that you have enough mist fans, hand fans or cooling AC’s, depending on the type of outdoor event that it is and also the types of canopies that is being used.

6. Prepare to spend more money to rent items: most outdoor spaces for weddings in Nigeria, only come with the space and nothing else. You may have to rent all things rentable, from the chairs, tables, to the canopies, fans, mobile toilets electrical powering equipements and the likes…

Your vendors are also likely to charge extra because of the extras they would need to make plans for, like the generating set for the DJ or Band, the extra ice and the extra decor accents needed to beautify your outdoor space.

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7. Dress the part: Ensure that your wedding outfits and accessories are outdoor suitable. As a bride, you detinitely do not want to be wearing stilettos heels on a grassy floor.

You also want don’t want to be sweating profusely because of your wedding attire or having to raise layers of glothing to be able to get a leak. Choose something light and easy.

8. Inform your guests: You also want your guests to be well informed about the type of wedding you are having, so that they can dress the part. I told my guests to wear anything that they felt comfortable in. The best way to do this, is to include this piece of infomation on your wedding invitations.

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9. Security is a must-have: Most outdoor venues are open spaces with no strict security measures put in place and one of the major disturbances at Nigerian wedding venues, are from touts and unwanted guests in the form of hawkers, money changers and the likes…

There may also be other events happening at the same venue.

You detinitely want to have the right amount of security (bouncers), to guide your outdoor wedding venue, to prevent these unwanted guests and touts and also to ensure that you are only catering to your wedding guests and not mogbo mo ya (I heard something was happening here and I came) guests.

Note: You may need to hire more bouncere than the required amount for an outdoor event. So be prepared for this extra cost.

10. Be sure that there won’t be any other event happening at the same venue on your wedding date or in near proximity of where your ceremony will be taking place.

This is important for two reasons:

1. To be able to make either an alternative arrangement or

2. To understand how to make better plans. For instance: You don’t want your guests drowned in the sound coming from the other party happening just feets away from yours.

11. Prepare fun and all inclusive outdoor games for your wedding guests. It helps your guests feel comfortable

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12. Talk to your wedding photographer: Photographers need different equipment for different venues. It is important that they bring the right equipment for an outdoor space, to enable them achieve beautiful and well-lit pictures

Note: Informing all your wedding vendors about your wedding being an outdoor event, is very important in ensuring that your wedding day goes hitch-free. They need to be informed, so that they can prepare adequately for your event.

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13. Create wedding signages: it is important for wedding guests to know where important things are situated, like the mobile toilets or drinks vendor is situated, incase they need to relief themselves or need a quick fix.

It is also a fun way to keep your guests entertained and wowed! You can create a ‘right this way’ signs to help your guest know where to go for certain things.

14. Keep all desserts and open foods safe: remember to inform your dessert and open food vendors like your fruit tree vendor, to provide some form of covering for their food items.

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