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37 Questions To Ask Your Nigerian Wedding Decorator

Your wedding decoration would probably be the most expensive item on your wedding checklist, so it is important to get it right, as you wouldn’t want to spend all that money, without your expectations being met.

There are so many decor components that make up for your wedding decor. Even if you will be hiring a planner for your big day, it is important to know the right questions to ask your wedding decorator.

Here is a list of questions that has been carefully put together to set you on the right path.

Questions to ask your Nigerian decorator


1. Availability of the date: This is the first question to ask, as this would determine if the conversation will go further or not.

2. Number of Guests
Before any quote can be given, the decorator will need to know the number of guests that he or she will be quoting for.

A lot of what will be quoted for, is dependent on the number of guests, like number of table covers, centrepieces, chair covers (if need be), number of guests per table, spacing of the tables, amongst other things.

Also the highest number of guests that they have handled. That is, if you are having a large wedding, you want to be sure that the decorator can handle your event.

3. You can also ask if they have worked at your wedding venue before, as this would mean that they have a better understanding of what is needed for the space and they are familiar with the rules and regulation of the hall, and can also advise you accordingly.

4. Ask if the CEO will be on ground all through or if you are going to be working with their design specialist. You may also require the contact details of their design specialist if its this person that would be on ground on the event day.

5. Also ask if there would be extras included in their package. Extras can range from Bridal suite decor, special effects, Table name tags, seating charts, welcome signages etc…

6. Ask for the latest time that changes can be made to your decor designs.

While some Nigerian decorators allow changes to designs after a deposit has been been made, some do not allow this and with each new design change, comes a new price tag.


7. How much do you charge and how much is expected to be made as a deposit?

8. Are there any extra or hidden charges, like for tear down, logistics or a service fee?

9. When is the balance expected to be made?

10. What are your cancellation and refund policies?

11. Will you be drafting a contract of agreement for our event?

12. What happens if you do not deliver on your promises?


13. Will you be creating a moodboard for our wedding decor?

This will help all parties to be on the same page, as per expectations.

It also gives a visual representation of what to expect from your decorator and what your wedding hall may be looking like.

Note: Hiring a wedding planner will save you this stress, as they will be the one to handle moodboard creation for you.

14. You can also ask to see pictures of their previous works, it’s best to ask for a social media page you can visit, as it is normally harder to post works that is not theirs on their social media pages.

15. Types of chair and table covers to be used.

There are so many types of table and chair covers, for example: spandex, damask, satin, table runners, netty overlay, rosette etc.

You want to be sure of the type of table and chair covers the decorator will be using and if you would be using special type of chairs, for example, chiavari, dior chairs etc, now is the time to mention this to your decorator.

16. Types of centrepieces
Same as the chair and table covers, there are lots of centrepieces and it is important to state the one that you like.

Also be sure to mention your concerns, some of which may include, centrepieces blocking guest views, how full you want the flower arrangement to be, whether you prefer short or tall centrepieces, etc…

17. Cake table type: if you have a particular cake table that you like, then now may be the right time to state it and share pictures

18. Walkway designs: there are various types. Some are simple, while some are more complicated in designs. It is advisable to share pictures here as well.

19. Car decor
Not every Nigerian decorator add car decoration to their services, so it is necessary to ask if this will be covered by your decorator and if they do this.

You also need to know where the decorator will like to decorate your wedding cars.

Some decorators may decide to come to the location where the car is to decorate it, while others will prefer that the car is brought to the wedding venue for it to be decorated.

Whatever the case, you need to discuss this with your decorator.

20. Type of couple’s sofa
Some couples prefer a single or double sofas for their sweetheart area… while some may prefer separate chairs, others may want a single sofa or a themed designed sofa, depending on what the wedding theme is.

21. Type, colour and design of the wall drappings or pleating. There are lots of wall draping designs, if you are particular about this, then it is important that you let your decorator know this.

22. Stage decor, also known as thr sweetheart area. Ask about the decor elements to be used, the decor accents to be incorporated… here you can share pictures of what you have in mind.

Wedding Tip: I would always recommend that a decor moodboard is created for visuals. This helps you communicate your expectations clearly and it also gives the decorator an idea of what is expected of them.

Note: Please note that creating a visual moodboard does not mean that the designs will be copied, except if explicitly stated by the client. Most decorators do not like to copy other creatives idea. They would want to add their own twist to the decor. The moodboard is just to guide the decorator.

23. The type of dancefloor and shape

There are different types of dancefloors, for example: SAV, Flex, LED… some cost more than others. So it is important that you don’t assume that once dancefloor is included in your package, that it’s the one that you like.

Some decorators also charge differently for providing a dance area. So be sure to ask your decorator about this.

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24. Hall lighting
You definitely want to know if your decorator will be handling this, because a lot of Nigerian wedding decorators do not include this in their package and you may need to get another vendor to handle this service.

25. Gazebo or hanging flowers for the dancefloor?
These normally come at an extra cost, so be sure to ask if it is included in your decor deliverables or not.


26. Number of guests that your payment covers for. You definitely want to have that cleared up as early as possible. Because every other question and deliverables will be focused on this.

27. The type of sofa for the parents and the couple. You can ask for pictures from the decorator’s gallery and choose from their gallery. Don’t assume that the decorator knows what you want.

28. The type of chair and table covers to be used, sashes for the chairs and the likes…


29. How many staff will you be coming with?

This is important because you need to know if this will affect the pace at which the job will be done and if the hall will be ready in time for your guests arrival.

You may also want to know this if you would be providing food for your vendors… because you would need to get a head count of all your wedding vendors, to be able to prepare adequately for them.

31. Will the decorator be doing the special effects?

There are vendors who handle special effects separately, but some decorators normally include this in their decor packages, so it is important to ask about this and not to assume that this service comes with the decorator’s package.

30. Do you work overnight? Some halls do not allow working overnight and if this is the case, the decorator needs to be informed.

This question is important because some decorators are night crawlers, which means that they work best at night… so if the hall is one that does not allow for overnight decoration, then the decorator needs to be informed ahead of time.

Also if there are any hall rules as to the type of special effects allowed, now will be a good time to talk about this.

32. Now is also probably the time to inform them that the wedding venue charges a caution fee for vendors and the amount, so that issues of ‘who pays this caution fee’ on the day of the event, can be prevented.

33. When they will be starting the decor? And when is our wedding space likey to be all set up and ready for guests?

34. Do you charge extra for logistics? While some decorator will give an all inclusive quote, others won’t. And they charge for some extras outside the main quote. Extras like tear down, logistics, service fee etc

35. Is there a backup plan for unforseen disappointments? You definitely want to know if there are arrangements for disappointing scenarios, like if a key member of the decor team is suddenly unavailable or there is an accident or whatever unforseen circumstances that may come up.

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Special effects

36. This is only if the decorator offer this service. So you ask for the types of special effect services that they offer. For example, low fog, fireworks, bubbles, confetti blasts, LED screens and dancefloors etc

The advantage of a decorator handling both services is that it is most times cheaper than having to hire the services of a special effects vendor. The disadvantage of this is that, the decorator pays more attention to the decor and sometimes this affects the delivery of their special effects.

Wedding Tip: Not all decorators offer this service. Those that do offer this service, may charge an extra fee for this. Also be sure that they can handle both special effects and the decor, as they both require some level of attention. Also ask for a contact that would be in charge of the special effects.

37. How many days will you need to set it up?

Some kind of decoration require days to be able to finish setting up all the intricate details that the decoration may entail. It is also important to note that most wedding venues may not be generous enough to allow the decorator start the decor days before your event. You may need some kind of arrangement for them to allow you start days earlier.

38. How many staff they would be working with?

The number of team members may be able to tell you how fast the decor team will be. If your wedding hall is a big one, the decor team may need more hands to be able to finish setting up in good time, as you wouldn’t want your guests waiting outside when the decoration is still going on.

I hope you found this article helpful. All the best and don’t forget that I am your favourite Wedding Planner and we are just a call away. Let’s help take the stress off you and plan your special day with you.

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