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How To Plan The Perfect December Wedding In Nigeria

All around the world, the month of December is considered the most wonderful time of the year. so it is understandable that couples may want to jump on the December Wedding Bandwagon.

Moreover, the holiday season is in full swing and the weather is normally a beautiful one.

What you should know before planning a December wedding in Nigeria

1. Start early: Starting earlier can help you avoid disappointment and may even lead to getting better discounts from your wedding vendors.

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2. Pick non-peak December dates: In Nigeria, December is a popular month for weddings, but there are some dates that are less busy, particularly if your wedding is on a weekend. Some less busy options for December wedding dates are the first and second weekends.

The third weekend before Christmas, typically on the 16th, 17th, or 18th of December, and the fourth weekend of December are generally not good times to schedule a wedding, as it can be very difficult to secure vendors and other important services.

These weekends are usually very busy and it is not uncommon for vendors to be unavailable, which can cause major disruptions for your event. It is best to avoid these dates if possible.

3. Vendors charge higher for December weddings: December weddings in Nigeria can be expensive due to the holiday season and the high demand for wedding venues and vendors, as well as the usual December inflation.

To avoid overspending, it is important to create a realistic budget and stick to it. Planning a December wedding early can help you secure reasonable discounts from vendors. This is why it is important to start planning as early as possible.

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4. You may have more guests than you budgeted for: During the holiday season, people are typically on the lookout for places to celebrate and relax.

5. Depending on the date you choose, there may be increased traffic. It is important to inform your wedding vendors so that they can make the necessary preparations.

6. The weather is normally very dry, (harmattan season), so put this into consideration when picking a wedding venue.

7. Drinks should be in surplus. During the dry season, you can expect your wedding guests to request drinks multiple times to quench their thirst.

8. Your wedding vendors must be updated about the important wedding details from time to time: Due to the high demand for vendors in December, it is not uncommon for them to become overbooked and forget some event details. It is important to keep reminding your wedding vendors about your date and your expectations to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. Even small details can make a big difference, so it is important to keep your vendors informed to avoid any unexpected issues.

9. A strictly- by- invitation policy may be needed. If you have a limited wedding budget, one way to keep costs down is to have a strict invitation-only policy for your wedding. This can also help prevent overcrowding and uninvited guests from attending

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10. Don’t joke with security. The right amount of bouncers should be hired, to ensure that all the necessary safety protocols are observed.

Factors to consider when planning a december wedding:

1. The wedding budget: December weddings can be expensive, and your wedding budget can help you decide whether a December wedding is feasible for you.

2. The wedding date: As previously mentioned, December has busy and less busy dates for weddings. The busiest dates can be chaotic and may result in disappointments. It is best to avoid these dates if possible.

3. The Planning time-frame: It is important to start planning your December wedding early, between 6 to 12 months in advance. This will give you more options for vendors, help you secure reasonable discounts, and reduce the risk of disappointments. Vendors are generally more reliable for clients who pay first, unless something unexpected arises.

4. Number of guests: If you have a small wedding budget, it is a good idea to keep your guest list small to reduce costs. December weddings can be expensive, and each additional guest adds to the overall cost.

5. Location: The location of your wedding venue is crucial to the success of your event. To avoid disappointments and ensure smooth logistics, it is important to choose venues that are all located within the same area.

For example, if your wedding ceremony is on the mainland and your reception is on the island, it can be difficult for guests to travel between the two locations.

It is also a good idea to choose a hotel that is close to your wedding venues to make it easier for you to move between locations.

This will also help ensure that your guests have a positive experience and that everything runs smoothly.

Wedding Tip: If possible, use only one location for all ceremonies. Opt for a joining at the reception venue, instead of a full blown church service at another venue.

6. Vendors set up time: For the busiest weekends in December, it may not be a good idea to have vendors set up on the day of the event due to the heavy traffic that is common at that time. It is better to plan ahead and have everything set up in advance to avoid delays and disruptions.

It is advisable to tell your wedding vendors to set up a day before the event.

For the glam team (comprised of makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, videographers, stylists, etc.), it is advisable to have them stay at a nearby hotel or the couple’s hotel, if budget allows. This can help ensure that they are on time and ready to work on the day of the event.

Note: It is worth noting that some wedding venues may have an event scheduled on the day before your wedding, which may not allow your vendors to set up in advance. In this case, they may have to arrive late at night or very early on the day of your event.

7. Your preferred wedding venue: While some wedding venues are more popular than others, it is important to keep checking and asking if your desired date is available, even if it is not initially booked with another client.

Real Wedding Experience: A wedding venue in Nigeria mistakenly booked two events for the same day. They only realized this on the wedding day. One of the reasons why you need to hire the services of a professional Wedding Planner or a coordinator and why you need to repeatedly follow up with all your wedding vendors, including the hall manager.

Other factors that you may consider, but are NOT necessary are:

8. Theme: December is a festive time of year, so you may want to consider incorporating holiday themes or colors into your wedding.

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9. Attire: Depending on the location and theme of your wedding, you may want to consider appropriate attire for the colder/dry weather.

An appeal to our esteemed wedding vendors

December weddings are already expensive, so it is unfair for vendors to cause additional disappointments on the day of the event.

To our esteemed vendors: it is important to take on only what you can handle for December events. The 16th, 17th, and 18th are particularly busy and can be challenging for event vendors. Please do not make the situation more difficult than it already is.

If vendors are booked for the date, the clients will be forced to pick another date or source for another vendor, and these disappointments will be reduced. Don’t be greedy, only to end up disappointing your client.

If you are taking on more work, it is important to inform your clients or planner about this and any associated risks before accepting any payments.

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