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Vendor Spotlight: Ronniex Cakes

Meet Aderonke, the amazing baker and CEO at Ronniex cakes.

Ronke has been able to create a brand for herself from her passion for cakes and is now a force to reckon with in the event industry.

I was first introduced to Ronniex in 2018, through a bride. She had wanted Ronniex to be her cake baker for her wedding and I was the planner of course!

My first concern was that Ronniex was an Ibadan based vendor and the wedding was to take place in Lagos. I aired my concerns to the bride, but she was bent on using her, so I went ahead to coordinate the delivery process and necessary details.

The first thing I noticed was her pleasant attitude and prompt response. Communication with Ronke was very smooth

To my surprise, Ronniex had arrived even earlier than the time I had given her to deliver. Not only that, she delivered an amazing cake and had also brought a piece of cake for me.

I had a taste of the cake much later and that was how I decided to add her to our list of cake vendors and she has been an amazing vendor ever since, with an amazing personality and beautiful cakes.

She delivers timely no matter the state she is delivering to, and trust me, we have travelled a lot!

Her diligence, competence, amazing personality, creative and beautiful cakes, are part of the many reasons why we are featuring her as our Vendor Spotlight for our December Issue.

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Let’s meet the creative mind behind the brand…

Tell us a little about your brand and your journey so far

My name is Oloyede Aderonke.  The Creative Director at Ronniex cakes. I started around 2011, as an undergraduate and here we are. The journey has been a great one. God has always been there for us. So many sleepless nights trying to give our best, we have gone for several trainings with both local and international tutors, so we can give our clients our very best. We have also trained several cake makers in the industry.  It’s been a fulfilled journey I must say.

What inspired you to be a cake baker?

I actually didn’t see it as a business at first. I just wanted to be able to bake for my brothers. But everything started changing when people started patronizing me during my school days and I really enjoyed making the cakes, eventhough it was not convenient as an undergraduate.

Who are the people in your industry that inspire you and why?

I love Dewdrops cakes, I respect her, I adore her, I am grateful to her. Training with her for 2weeks changed my orientation about the business aspect.  I love Dripples cakes also, she is a great Role model,  I admired her from afar even before I started baking and meeting her was a blessing.  I love cake boss also, watching him do his things on TLC, inspires me a lot.

What are some of the challenges you face in the Nigerian Wedding industry?

Everybody desires a beautiful cake, some even want a giant cake, but they underrate bakers a lot. They always like to draw unrealistic budgets, when it comes to cake. Good cakes are not cheap. Some couples will even want their cake to last for years, without refrigerating it. Wedding cakes contains a lot of products that need to be refrigerated at all time. Some clients also want their cake delivered outside your city, at no cost for delivery and so on.

What do you think your unique selling point is?

Wedding cakes. We make a lot of beautiful,  yummy and mind blowing wedding cakes

Do you have any cake packages for couples getting married in 2023?

It’s really hard to work out any package for for now, because of the inflation in cake ingredients prices. . . but we give out a free wedding cake to 1 lucky couple before the end of every year. It’s our annual giveaway.

Greatest cake highlight so far?

That should be my wedding cake, it was almost 7ft tall and when we made 21 tier royal wedding cake and also when we made a beautiful castle cake about a year or so ago.

Ronke’s Wedding Cake
Ronke’s Traditional Wedding Cake

Describe yourself in one word


Your industry is mostly female dominated, why do you think this is so?

Hmmmm. Generally, majority of the food sectors have a lot of women in it, so it looks like it’s expected. And due to the nature of the job,  it has a lot of stylish details which just naturally suits a lady.

Name: Oloyede Aderonke Odunayo, CEO
Ronniex cakes and Events
Contact Details: 07030657270
Instagram: @ronniexcakes

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  • Agbeja funmilayo
    Post on December 3, 2022

    Ronniex hands are gifted…loving to be with…calm and cool.I pray God will continue to elevate you Dear Sis and take you to the mountain top in Jesus Name .

  • Omojadesola Adeniran
    Post on December 3, 2022

    I love your Accuracy, neatness, you are attentive to detail, consistent, thorough, high standards and approachable


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